Benefits of a Paperless Payroll

Payroll doesn’t have to be a burden for your small business! Automating your payroll helps to simplify and streamline the entire process. As a complete payroll solution, PayWow is here to simplify onboarding, paying, and supporting your team through one unified hub.

Here are some important benefits of a paperless payroll:

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit allows employers to pay their employees quickly and easily. Direct deposit eliminates the need for paper checks and significantly speeds up the process of paycheck delivery. 

With PayWow, employees can choose their preferred payment method between check and direct deposit. With PayWow, you can ensure your employees are always paid on time.

Employee Self-Service

With an online payroll service, employees can easily access their payroll information online when it’s convenient for them. 

PayWow makes it easy for employees and contractors to view their payroll information. PayWow’s mobile app, myPayWow, allows employees to onboard themselves, choose their preferred payment method, clock in/out from shifts, submit time-off requests, view/download/print paystubs, and e-sign important tax documents. 

Payroll Compliance 

Upholding federal and state payroll regulations can be difficult. Luckily, online payroll providers are there to ensure that your business meets its filing requirements and remains compliant. 

As a complete payroll service, PayWow will handle the complexities of calculating required taxes and making accurate, timely payments. PayWow will also file your quarterly and annual federal and state tax forms on your behalf. Having wages, deductions, and payroll tax reporting done for you will ensure the accuracy of your payroll information. We will also send out reminders of when filings are due which in turn reduces penalties and keep business owners compliant. 

Electronic storage

Payroll records contain many important documents such as pay stubs, benefits, tax deductions, and more. When you use an online payroll provider, all of these important payroll documents will be stored securely online within the cloud-based software. Having all of your relevant payroll documents compiled into one place will ensure they are organized and easily accessible. You also never have to worry about paper records getting damaged or lost. 


One of the most important benefits of a paperless payroll is the overall convenience. With an online payroll provider, you can easily add, update, or change your payroll information yourself. Your employees will also have easy access to their own payroll information. Also, paying your employees, providing pay stubs, and filing taxes are done at a much faster rate. PayWow also has a support team of payroll specialists that will be there to help you if it’s ever needed! 


Choosing a paperless payroll option can add lasting benefits to your small business. PayWow is an online payroll solution that makes payroll intuitive and accessible for small businesses. Start taking advantage of a paperless payroll now with PayWow!

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