How To Boost Productivity In Your Small Business This Summer

Schools are out, the sun is shining, and your staff members can’t wait to get off of work to have some “fun in the sun.” There is a good chance that all the excitement and distractions of summer will reduce your businesses productivity, but with proper communication and experienced strategizing you can make this season a success. Here is how to boost productivity in your small business this summer.Coworkers lacking motivation during the summer season

How To Boost Productivity In Your Small Business This Summer

1. Be Flexible

Switch things up by adding more variety in your usual routine. Hold meetings outside, if possible, or let your employees work outside for a few hours. Let them leave early on Fridays during the summertime to enjoy their time in the sun. You’d be surprised at the difference it will make in your employees’ engagement and motivation.

2. Show Appreciation

Although you pay your employees to come to work every day, it never hurts to express gratitude and appreciation for what they do for your company.

Take time during the summer to celebrate your staff. Have in-house staff parties on Fridays. Celebrate birthdays once a month with cake, gifts, and games. Take your team out for dinner or a great team building activity. Making an effort to have memorable moments with your team will impact their day-to-day productivity.

3. Re-Evaluate Your Dress Code Policy

Depending on your type of business, implementing a lenient dress code for the summer months is a great incentive for your staff. This dress code could be in effect for June – August or specific days (Friday only, etc.).

Note: When implementing a different dress code, be sure to make the expectations and guidelines very clear and provide a specific date when the temporary dress code policy will end.

4. Get Extra Help with an Intern

If your small business’ peak season is during the summer months, consider hiring a summer intern or seasonal employee to help out around the office. High school and college students are looking for ways to build their resume, gain experience, and earn a little extra income during the summer.

Some internships are paid while others are free. Review the finances of your business and determine what you can offer. The better the offer, the better the talent you attract.

5. Strategic Summer Scheduling

Let’s admit it; there is nothing worse than an employee who is burned out. Working 24/7, 365 will put a strain on your employee and lead to a lack of productivity for your business.

Offer your employees vacation time and support them when they request to use it. Truthfully, if your hardest workers request time off, they most likely need it. Employees will be more efficient and better at their jobs if they are well-rested and rejuvenated.

Staff needing a boost of productivity during the Summer season

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