Celebrate ‘Working Women Wednesday’ This September With PayWow

Customer satisfaction is always a top priority at PayWow. While we will always ensure your payroll is running smoothly and efficiently, we also want to add a personal touch to the work we do. As a small business ourselves, we know how important it is to work with companies that actually have your best interest in mind. And at PayWow, we do! 

This September, PayWow is holding ‘Working Women Wednesday,’ where we will be honoring some of the hard-working women we work with. Although there are many, we had the pleasure of interviewing four women who use PayWow to help them run their businesses payroll. On each Wednesday this September, PayWow will spotlight one of these women and they will be able to discuss their business as well as how PayWow has helped them. You can view these interviews and follow along with PayWow’s ‘Working Women Wednesday’ on all of our social media platforms! 

Here at PayWow, we are very proud of these women and the dedication they put into their companies day in and day out. We like to think we are a small part of their businesses’ great successes. Keep reading to learn more about these hard-working women!

Jazzarae At Jazzy Jay’s Trucking

While Jazzy Jay’s Trucking may seem like a full-time job to most people, for Jazzarae it is just one of her side hustles. Jazzarae is a full-time nurse who started her own trucking company after she was inspired by her father, who has been in the trucking industry for over 20 years. Jazzarae is still nursing full-time and running her own thriving trucking company, Jazzy Jay’s Trucking. However, after Jazzarae began her trucking business, she quickly realized handling payroll manually was very inefficient and with two full-time jobs on her plate, she couldn’t afford any wasted time. She knew she needed to find a payroll service that would reduce the workload of her payroll and save her time.  

Jazzarae struggled to find a payroll provider that specialized in trucking companies and could handle paying both employees and contractors. Luckily, Jazzarae found PayWow, which can accomplish both! “The less time I can take to make sure something is efficient and successful for me and my company, the better,” stated Jazzarae. 

Jazzarae appreciates PayWow’s payroll reminders that ensure she is processing her payroll on time, every time. There’s never a late or forgotten payday at Jazzy Jay’s Trucking! One of Jazzarae’s favorite features PayWow has to offer is our employee/contractor self-onboarding. “A big help has been the emails PayWow sends directly to my employees and contractors to complete and upload all of their necessary documentation,” stated Jazzarae. 

Itzel At I&A Cleaning Services

Itzel has been running her commercial cleaning service business based in North Orlando, Florida for almost 10 years now. I&A Cleaning is a commercial cleaning and building maintenance service that deals with office buildings, medical offices, and more. “We make sure that when you go to work every day, you show up to a clean atmosphere,” stated Itzel. 

Especially now with COVID-19, I&A’s work has really ramped up. With their business now busier than ever, I&A Cleaning Services has put their trust in PayWow to help them run the administrative side of their business. “It’s been great for a small business like mine to have the opportunity to interact with a payroll company that is just a phone call away,” stated Itzel. 

Itzel notes that PayWow’s customer service has been incredible and she and her employees are very satisfied with the services PayWow has to offer. 

Michelle At Monarch Medical

Monarch Medical is a family-owned medical distributorship business based out of Virginia Beach. At Monarch Medical, they specialize in distributing biologics or products that promote healing and wound care. As this small, family-owned business began to grow with more reps and sub-contractors, Michelle realized they could benefit from using a payroll provider.

Michelle began researching payroll providers that would suit her family’s growing company. As the big-name payroll providers began popping up, Michelle noticed all of their reviews highlighted their lack of support and customer service. Michelle was on the hunt to find a payroll service that was catered toward small businesses and offered specific features such as a direct deposit payment method. After some research, Michelle stumbled upon PayWow! 

Michelle noted that ever since Monarch Medical began using Paywow, it has brought a new level of professionalism to their business. Whenever Michelle has had an issue setting up or running her payroll, PayWow has always been there to lend a helping hand. “PayWow has made it really easy to pay our people and make sure they get paid on time. It has also saved us a substantial amount of money on our tax forms,” stated Michelle. 

Dori At Turnstyle Studio

Turnstyle Studio is a one-woman show and Dori is handling it all! Dori is the sole owner and employee of her one-person salon, Turnstyle Studio. Although Dori has all of the hair care and styling portion of her work down pat, when it comes to filing her tax forms, it wasn’t something she wanted to focus on. So, Dori turned to PayWow, a payroll provider that would handle all of the daunting tax filings for her! 

Although Dori runs her business on her own, she said with PayWow, she feels like just another employee at the end of the week getting her money deposited directly into her account. “PayWow makes it so I can focus on what I have in front of me at my job. Also, when it comes to doing business like ordering inventory and keeping track of retail, I don’t have to fret,” stated Dori.

On top of getting paid on time, Dori appreciates having her weekly, monthly, quarterly, and year-end reports laid out for her so when it comes time to file her taxes, the information is readily available. As for PayWow’s support, Dori stated, “I feel like I am talking to someone who actually cares about me.” 


PayWow is a payroll solution that caters to your business’s individual needs, no matter how tall the order may seem. We are here to support you with all of your payroll needs because we believe that when you succeed, we succeed! Stay tuned on PayWow’s social media to learn more about the women above!

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