Combine Payroll & Time Tracking To Grow Your Business

Maybe you’ve decided to eliminate the need for someone to run your payroll. You’ve chosen to use payroll software or a payroll service. Payroll software, for instance, eliminates the need to hire someone to manage your payroll for you. Plus, you will never have to risk losing that same person to another job and having all your expertise go to another company.

But what payroll software do you choose? The next step is ensuring you land on payroll software that has the ability to combine time and attendance with payroll. The two are not only closely related but in addition, you will increase your level of oversight and efficiency. 

Essentially, you are taking two very consuming tasks and boiling them down into one efficient process—if you choose the right payroll software.

I’ll Just Manage Time & Attendance On My Own

As an employer or the head of a business, you can’t allow things to take more time than absolutely necessary. And you certainly cannot spend more money when less will suffice.

When your time and attendance procedures are separate you increase both the time of the task and the probability of errors. Errors alone should make you recoil. Imagine trying to earn the trust of your employees or developing firm professional relationships with them if you continually demonstrate that you cannot pay them properly.

At best, they will distrust you. At worst, they will assume you are (in a way) stealing from them.

Another Avenue 

Instead of tracking hours manually, imagine how much more efficient it would be if you had a kiosk. When your employees came in for work, they scanned into that kiosk. Consider how much easier it would be if they had an app. Upon starting their work, they logged into an app. When they took breaks, they logged out. 

And these hours would be tabulated for you immediately when you run payroll. This is exactly what payroll software like PayWow provides for you. 

This is why combining a time and attendance system with your payroll software is an elegant way of eliminating errors and streamlining the payroll process.

Increased Oversight

Instead of spending your time adding up hours and subtracting time off for breaks, imagine how much more productive you would be if you could just see your employees’ work hours in total. 

This not only speaks to how much easier payroll will be but also your ability to plan and strategize for the future. Understanding how human capital plays into your budget will allow you to forecast future goals. 

Adding hours up for payroll is maintaining the status quo. It’s the barrier of entry to being in business, something you must do. But using the numbers you see in your payroll software to make your business more efficient and cost effective is working towards growing your business.


Everything we have discussed today, PayWow is capable of delivering. Whether you choose to run time and attendance through a kiosk or the myPayWow app, you can do so with PayWow. 

Our dashboard allows you the ability to see and manage your employees thoroughly.  With PayWow, you will eliminate errors and reduce the amount of time you spend on payroll. 

Grow your business with us. 

Try PayWow Today!

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