Easy Payroll Integration To Keep Your Small Business Running Smoothly

Managing the payroll for your small business can be stressful. And no one likes stress, unless they’re Masochists. It’s important to keep your employees happy and PayWow has you covered.

Your staff is the cornerstone of your business and ensuring their paychecks and time-off requests are handled appropriately shouldn’t be overwhelming. It doesn’t matter what size your staff is, if you utilize a complex payroll service, you’re spending too much time and money.

Human Resource Integration Is Just A Few Clicks Away

What are the biggest frustrations to managing payroll? How can you simplify your pay schedule?

  • Manage employee time and attendance – PayWow allows you to add and manage multiple time-off policies with both limited and unlimited time off.  We also make it simple to carry over accrued time off to the next calendar year!
  • Manage time-off requests – PayWow allows you to receive notifications for time-off requests as well as approve or deny requests. You can also add time-off requests on behalf of your staff and integrate paid time-off data for payroll. 
  • Manage employee hours – PayWow gives you control of your HR responsibilities, allowing you to view employee availability, manage shifts and work summaries by day, week or pay period.
  • Integrate and run payroll data – You can automatically merge your employee payroll, time clock and time-off data. Also, handle payroll calculations for multiple job roles and review data in just a few simple clicks.Payroll simplified

It’s easy to believe a larger service can handle your payroll easily and reliably but do they understand the nuances of a small business? Probably not. Can they adapt to your growth? They might say they can, but chances are they’ll tell anyone that. PayWow understands the needs of a small business because we’re a small business at heart. 

What did we forget? Well, not much, from what we can tell. Our award-winning, US-based support team is here to help your business grow!

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