Having Fun at Work is Important and Here is How to Start

Employees having fun at work

I am sure we have all heard the expression “happy wife, happy life.” We all know that your spouse’s overall happiness is essential for a healthy emotional bond. However, this idea can also be applied to your small business employees. If you create a fun work environment, you will see your employee retention and engagement skyrocket. A fun and welcoming company culture is simply good business. Here is why having fun at work is important and here is how to start today!

Having Fun at Work is Important and Here is How to Start

Why is Fun Important?

Job candidates, especially millennials, will typically not leave a job interview jumping for joy when a business is filled with uninspired and disinterested employees speaking in 6-inch whispers. Having an unenforced company motto like “we work hard and play harder” is not enough. It is a sad fact that the vast number of employers tout this idea when recruiting, but few follow through.

When you add an element of fun to your work environment, your inbox will be flooded with qualified resumes, and better yet you will retain your top performers. The Harvard Business Review’s research has shown that workplace stress leads to a 50% increase in voluntary turnover.

If your employees have the opportunity to take casual breaks during the day to blow off steam or refocus on tasks they will be far more productive. Encourage your employees to bond with team members. With this, your employee relationships will deepen, and company loyalty is sure to ensue. Create a positive work culture where your employees can flourish both relationally and professionally.

How to Start Having Fun!

Give Employee Work Areas a Facelift:

Now before you scoff and head straight for the “x” on the corner of this page, know you can make significant and inexpensive modifications that will make your office more fun! Hang a dartboard in your common area. Or purchase an inexpensive sofa or coffee table to create a more casual feel in your meeting or brainstorming area. However, the most important aspect to remember is that if you do not encourage your employees or make them feel guilty for using the areas, it will only cause cultural negativity. Think of it like this: You are placing a cookie in front of your employees and telling them not to eat it.

Celebrate Employee Accomplishments

“People work for money but go the extra mile for recognition praise and rewards.”        –Dale Carnegie

Remember that while it is important to point out when your team members are not meeting expectations, you must do so in a graceful way that will not lead to resentment. Recognize your employees accomplishment on an individual level no matter how small before pointing out any flaws. When your employee achieves something great, let your whole staff know and celebrate together!

Schedule Team Outings

Employee outing and having fun rock climbingDo not wait until your team’s mojo is depleted to go offsite with your team. Schedule team outings for team-building, community service, or lunch meetings. Outings will break up the monotony of your offices everyday routine and refresh your employees before returning to work.

Create Company Traditions

Unique traditions that make your small business special and will stand out to your new employees. Think of fun annual or monthly event that your entire team will get behind. Host a food truck Friday or hold a monthly Bring Your Dog to Work Day.

Start Having Fun Today!

A positive workplace will improve your relationship with your employees and simplify their ability to work efficiently. These ideas will help to buffer some of the negative experiences or stress from daily work. Help them bounce back from challenges and encourage loyalty by bringing out their strengths.

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