Government Assistance During COVID-19: What You Need To Know

Everyday the economic impact from COVID-19 evolves more. As the government works to find solutions to each new development, state governors are taking action like never before.

How Are The States Handling Assistance During COVID-19?

From instituting their own lockdowns and quarantine measures to granting economic assistance wherever possible. South Carolina governor Henry McMaster took a major step on April 8th and issued Executive Order 2020-22 allowing furloughed employees in South Carolina to receive “COVID-19 Support Payments” from their employers while still qualifying for unemployment benefits.

“Every day, our primary objective is to protect South Carolinians, but we also must act to protect the state’s economy,” said McMaster. “This order does both. It allows our businesses to take care of their employees as best as they can and will help our economy recover from this unprecedented time.”

The governor’s executive order instructs the state Department of Employment and Workforce to accept “a voluntary payment, or series of payments, made by an employer to an employee in response to furloughing the employee” as a type of severance pay. This allows the furloughed employee to remain eligible for unemployment benefits. 

Measures like this will hopefully have a positive long-term impact on the economy. Providing additional assistance during this time allows families to make ends meet during this unprecedented situation. 

How Were Working Together

There will most likely be a “new normal” when this has passed, adjusting to these changes will require all the strength we can muster. We need to pull together and support our local businesses and offer emotional support to our friends, families and co-workers.

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