Questioning: How to grow your business with this tiny tactic


grow your business by asking questionsEver feel like potential customers aren’t hearing you?  You have a great product, you’ve pumped money into marketing, so what’s going on here? What do you have to do to grow your business beyond the baby stages?

Well, the truth is that customers don’t know what they don’t know.  And if you want to grow your business, you’re going to have to teach them. How do you teach customers? By asking them questions.

Questioning: How to grow your business with this tiny tactic

 Grow your business by focusing on educating your customers about why they need your product. With the right questions, you do this as quickly as possible. After all, research has shown that we all have the attention span of a goldfish!

Grow your business by asking questions.

Again, customers don’t know what they don’t know. Your first marketing job is to make them aware. Ignorance of your product is NOT bliss! Here are some handy advertising examples for specific products. Take these as inspiration to apply to your own product and grow your customer base.   

Product Question
work/career/professional wear for women Did you know that what you wear on the first day of your job affects if and when you’ll ever be promoted?
baked goods Did you know that baked goods can contribute to your healthy goals?
men’s watches Did you know that leading men always wear watches?


Grow your business by providing customers with answers.

You’re able to provide customers with useful, interesting information.  That’s the first step of marketing. You’re actually educating the customer.  Sometimes, as with the examples above, the question is more hypothetical. You’ve provided the question and the answer at once.  Of course, there’s a part two to the answer.  Cue: your product!

Grow your business by growing customer confidence (with your product!)

There’s the answer, then there’s the solution.  Your product should always be provided as the solution. Take our earlier example. “Did you know that what you wear on the first day of your job affects if and when you’ll ever be promoted?” Now, customers know that what they wear on the first day at a new job matters.  Another question, or problem, is implied. What am I going to wear on my first day at work?  By setting up this problem, you’ve automatically made your product – your solution (career wear for women) – more appealing!

Recap – Ask Questions, Teach Customers, Grow Business

  • Engage in advertising that teaches your customer something they didn’t know.
  • Show your customer that they have a problem in need of a solution.
  • Offer your product as the ultimate answer.

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