How to Actually Grow Your Business This Summer

If you don’t live near a popular vacation destination, you may be watching your customers load up their cars with floaties and coolers, ready to high-tail it to the beach.  What to do? Don’t just stand there waving goodbye! It might take a little creativity, but you can grow your business and thrive through the summer months, even if you don’t run a water park.   

Business Growth for Summer Months

Summer is here! Get together a business plan to not just survive, but thrive!  PayWow can help you grow your business

Go Where You’re Guaranteed to Grow Your Business For Sure

Chances are, wherever you are, there are fun activities, festivals and events happening nearby that your business can seek out and turn into an opportunity. Perhaps you can pack up a portion of your product and travel for a mini-vacay away from your shop! Set a radius that you are willing to travel and look for festivals and events within that area.  Contact the organizer and negotiate a way to participate.  

Target Who Is Left Behind to Grow Your Business with New Clients

Local business owners aren’t the only ones who can’t take off to the beach for a week or more.  There are others who can’t leave home or prefer to stay. During the summer months, these people make up your client base.  Get to know them. From retirees to college students, find out why they’re staying behind, and what might make their summer more enjoyable.  Make sure any flyers, emails or other marketing you send out targets them and their desires.

Sponsor and Advertise to Grow Your Business and Maintain Status

Speaking of marketing, don’t make the mistake of dropping the ball on advertising.  See the summer months as an opportunity to grow your business with a specific market.  That market will learn about you and continue to come to you when the weather cools. They’ll appreciate the attention you gave them when everyone else went radio silent.  It’s worth it to continue advertising or to even ramp up your advertising. Don’t give any semblance of slowing down, or that’s exactly what will happen to your business.

Offer Summer Sales and Discounts to Grow Your Business with Grateful Clients

Summer is the perfect time to inventory and unload any extra product you may have with a summer sale!  Dive deep and offer deals that customers can’t pass up. Do you have anything that is out of season or soon to be?  Create a special discount location that you devote to your marked down items, and call attention to it with signs. Make sure that your customers travel to take a tour of the other, full-price goodies you have to offer on their way to the sales rack.  

Revamp, Try a Trial to Grow Your Business with New Improvements

If you really feel that you should slow down, take the summer as an opportunity to revamp.  Maybe your business needs a fresh coat of paint? Hire a local artist to paint a snazzy new mural that will get plenty of “ooo’s and ahhh’s” from families on their return home.  Welcome customers back with a change they can be thrilled by and enjoy. Summer may be the perfect time for a complete remodel, or just to try a new menu item. Look at summer as a way to grow your business by improving your business.

Try PayWow to Grow Your Business Without Breaking a Sweat!

One thing you should definitely try over the summer is a payroll solution.  PayWow provides the perfect online payroll product, allowing you to quickly and easily manage your payroll, tax compliance, even your time clock.  You can get payroll done and get back to work. You might even find that you’ve freed up enough time that you can take an afternoon off to visit that water park yourself!  Take an extra towel! But first, go to and get set up.  It’s easy!


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