Healthy Employees: Maintaining One of Your Most Important Resources

Healthy employees are an asset to your company.  If you’ve ever had a virus go around your office, wiping out staff one by one, you know this.  In many ways, a group of employees is like a family, and when one or two are out, it  puts a burden on everyone. While the common cold is, well, common, there are ways to avoid minor sickness.  There are also ways to prevent more serious illnesses from becoming an issue that affects your staff.  

Everyone wants to stay healthy for themselves, and for their family.  Your employees spend most of their day with you, and you can help them maintain their health.  Added bonus: Keeping your employees healthy also helps keep your business healthy. Really, focusing on employee health is a win-win situation.  Your staff will appreciate your efforts, and your business will reap the rewards.

Healthy Employees in the Workplace

Healthy Employees: Maintaining One of Your Most Important Resources

Provide benefits

This one is a no-brainer.  Providing health benefits to your employees is perhaps the single most impactful thing you can do to keep them healthy.  And with the Affordable Care Act still in effect, having insurance available to your employees is mandatory.  If you fail to do so, you could incur penalties. Take a serious look at your resources as a company and put thought into providing benefits that are truly beneficial to employees and their families. Offering a bare minimum plan to comply could communicate callousness as it relates to your employees’ well-being.  

Encourage preventative care

Providing health benefits to your employees is a crucial first step, but it’s not enough. Benefits will help your employees if they get sick or hurt, but how do you keep your employees healthy? The key is preventative care.  The is the very next, important step to having a healthy workforce. 

Here are some simple ways you can stress the importance of preventative care to your staff:

  • Notify: Create attention-getting bulletin boards and other notices about yearly flu shots, physicals, and screenings. 
  • Participate: Become aware of and recognize days for various conditions and illnesses, such as National Wear Red Day for heart disease awareness.
  • Educate: If your employees do have certain conditions, such as food allergies, make sure that you know what you need to do to make sure they can work safely.
Healthy employees in the workplace

Keep the work environment safe and clean. 

Beyond setting a jug of hand sanitizer down on every desk, there are steps you can take to keep the work environment safe and germ-free.  What’s more, you can set up the habits that your employees will copy. Even if your workplace has a professional who comes in to clean, make sure that you communicate expectations to your employees for keeping their work areas free of dangerous clutter…and cookie crumbles that attract disease-carriers.  Make your office a critter-free zone!      

Express your concerns about safety and standard practices to your employees in a way that is sincere.  The tone you use to go over important safety information is just as important as the information itself.  Take safety measures seriously, and your employees will follow suit.  

  • Extra step: Consider becoming certified in CPR, and set up rewards for staff who also certify.

Consider a little healthy competition.  

Particularly in the sales industry, employees are already very familiar with competition.  This is a slightly different take. Engage competition to encourage your staff to participate in healthy activities.  Allow your employees to choose their favorite activities, or select an easy, doable activity for the whole office – like walking. Have your employees track their progress, such as miles walked or weight lifted, and give rewards for winners. To keep things friendly, offer rewards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, and reset the competitions on a monthly or quarterly basis so that employees have plenty of opportunities to improve and advance.  This is a fun way to keep employees engaged and interested in healthy exercise. 

Healthy employees in the workplace

Make being healthy a part of your company’s culture.  

If you think about it, there are plenty of opportunities to make healthy choices for your company.  If you have regular events or celebrations – perhaps celebrations for employee birthdays or retirements, make sure there are healthy food options.  Next to the cake, of course. By providing healthy foods to your employees, you increase the chance that they will choose those healthy foods. Perhaps those choices will even come to mind and transfer to when they are off the clock.  

Here are two fun ways to incorporate health into your daily business:

  • Compile a company cookbook full of healthy recipes.  Collect the recipes from your employees and their families and distribute the cookbook to your staff.  This could also make an excellent fundraiser for an important, health-related charity, such as the Cancer Research Institute.
  • Form a team or league! Have fun and organically create team-building while giving your employees an opportunity to stay active.  In many cities, there are ways to compete against teams from other local businesses, churches, and organizations. 
Healthy employees in the workplace
Healthy employees in the workplace

Have information that is easy to access and manage.

If you’ve followed the advice and tips here, you’ve done almost all you can to keep your employees, and your business, healthy. What else? You need a way to make benefits information easy to access and manage. PayWow provides a simple solution for keeping all your benefits information in one place, with 24/7 access.  Plus, you can track both your contributions as well as your employees’. Peace of mind is also part of health.  Get some peace of mind by contacting PayWow today to see how we can partner with you to make health benefits easier to manage.

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