Here’s How To Make Your Payroll Easier

As a small business owner, it is fundamental to understand the difference between being busy and being productive

Busy is moving from task to task. It’s almost as if you’re putting out one theoretical fire after another. Your day is dominated by the problems coming your way. Being productive is your ability to move from task to task while advancing or growing your business. Instead of being controlled by your tasks, you manage them to maximize your efficiency. Always ask yourself: am I sustaining or am I growing?

Managing payroll likely falls into the “busy” category. Is it necessary? Absolutely. Allowing your employees to access pay stubs is seemingly small but generating them can consume a significant part of your day—your week, even. When you’re tied to payroll you’re missing chances to improve your business. When a task arises, control it so it doesn’t control you. 

Delegate Tasks

Your employees earned enough of your trust for you to have hired them. Use this to your advantage. Allow them to exercise some responsibilities by granting them access so they may clock in or out on their own. This will demonstrate how much you trust them, and it’ll take some of your tasks away from you. 

Don’t Delegate Responsibility

As a leader, you are free to delegate tasks as you deem fit, but you’ll never be able to delegate responsibility. Although you may allow your employees to use the time clock as needed, you will still be able to oversee their actions. 

Just because the responsibility is yours, it doesn’t mean it has to be difficult; it can be simple and easy. PayWow seeks to do just this. 

PayWow can manage your employees’ time and attendance for you. With the time clock summary, you can view it on a daily, weekly, or pay period basis. On PayWow, you’ll be able to see the employee’s hours worked each day of the week with the totals calculated for you. 

You Still Have Control

Your employees will be using the time clock to log in or out of a shift, you will still have to approve them. There will be times when someone forgets to log in or out, but you will still have the ability to be able to manually adjust the hours. 

All shifts can be viewed at once so you can see which ones have been approved.

Time Off

In addition to managing shifts, on any given day you will be able to see who is out and if there are any impending requests for time off. 

Remember how we talked about managing tasks earlier? Instead of an employee physically asking to meet with you to request time off, they can request it through PayWow. You can now consider the request and the consequences thereof on your time. 

Your Paid Time Off (PTO) and sick policies can be written out and seen by your employees through your PayWow portal as well. You can have your employees read and understand the policy through it.  

Please don’t think of this as being too impersonal. You are maximizing your efficiency to manage your business. And doing that is one way you can take care of your employees. Choose to be personable with them when the time is right. 


Employees can view their benefit contributions as well. This includes benefits that have been assigned to them and the history of their contributions. 

To make it more accessible for your employees, they can choose to view their benefit contributions by using the browser of their choosing or by going through the myPayWow application. 

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