How To Get Ready For Small Business Saturday 2019

The cool breeze of Fall has finally come which means the holidays will be here before you know it. 

After Thanksgiving comes Black Friday and then, our personal favorite, Small Business Saturday 2019!

As an advocate for small businesses, it would only be fitting for us to provide some of the best business ideas for those that attract customers who prefer to shop small on holiday weekends. 

Saturday, November 30, will be here before you know it, so let’s have a brief crash on how to get ready for Small Business Saturday 2019. 

Small Business Saturday 2019

How To Get Ready For Small Business Saturday 2019

Many consumers prefer to skip larger retail chains on Black Friday and shop small, thereby getting their bargains from local retail businesses. Use these tips to your advantage this holiday season and for years to come. 

Create Portable Registers

There is nothing worse than having only one register with a long line of tiresome customers waiting to check out. 

I’ve been there before and it is NOT fun! 

If your store only has one point of sale location, set up portable registers –– tablets or phones hooked up to a portable credit card reader ––  as an “Express Checkout” option. This is an easy way to keep your “antsy” customers happy, and your aisles cleared for incoming shoppers. 

Tip: If you decide to not go the digital route, be sure to have enough receipt tape and shopping bags in-store. There won’t be time to rush out for refills.

Have Adequate Staffing

Similar to the point of sale location, it is equally important to have adequate staffing on hand during your Small Business Saturday 2019 sales. 

Having too few staff members on the floor could result in employees feeling overwhelmed and not working at their full potential. 

Notify your staff now if you need them to work on Small Business Saturday, especially if they do not typically work on the weekends. 

Make sure your staff knows the importance of the sale and inform them of any sales promotions that you plan to offer, as well as any general discounts available. If you plan to have to have a few offers, draft a simple pricing sheet for employees to reference throughout the day. 

Tip: Go the extra mile for your staff and show your appreciation for them working on a holiday weekend by providing amenities in the break room. Bottles of water, snacks, or even a catered lunch goes a long way! 

You can also consider hiring seasonal help. The caveat is that in order for your new hire(s) to be an asset on Small Business Saturday 2019, you need to hire them at least two weeks before the big day. Ideally, these are people you will keep through the Christmas Rush. If you need tips on hiring holiday talent, look no further than here.

Determine Your Sales Promotion

Pssst…can we share a secret with you?!

Never try to compete with the huge discounts that large chain stores offer!

Oftentimes small business owners believe that in order to keep up with large retailers they must offer similar discounts…NEGATIVE! 

Select the discounts that you would like to offer, keep them reasonable and promote them accordingly. The earlier you start promotion, the more traffic you will see on Small Business Saturday 2019. 

Small Business Saturday 2019

Check Inventory

Take a few minutes (or a couple of hours, depending on how organized you are) and check your inventory to ensure you have enough items in stock, especially those items you’ve chosen to promote. 

Furthermore, have a plan in place if you run out of any item that is included in your promotion. Offer a raincheck, substitute product, or incentive to keep your customer happy. 

Have a Payroll System in Place

Now that your small or retail business has the tools it needs for a successful Small Business Saturday 2019, ensure you have an advanced payroll solution in place. 

PayWow provides single-digit employers with an all-in-one payroll and compliance solution that gives you the ability to spend less time crunching numbers and focus on what is really important–your business! Sign up today for your free account! 

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