How To Make Your Team Meeting Interesting

How to make your team meeting interesting

As the fearless leader of your small business, you are constantly trying to find ways to keep your team empowered and engaged through tasks, projects, events, and those oh-so-beloved staff meetings. Although meetings can be very beneficial to the growth of a business, they can also become very ineffective and tiresome if not conducted properly. Here are a few tricks for how to make your team meeting interesting.

How To Make Your Team Meeting Interesting

1. Meet For A Purpose

There’s nothing worse than gathering your team for a meeting that has no real purpose. Meet only when necessary. If you don’t, your team will become uninterested and disengaged because they feel their time is being wasted. If what you want to discuss can be accomplished in a simple email do so…your team will thank you for it!

2. Be Intentional With Who You Invite

Unless you’re having a meeting that requires your whole team, meetings should involve only those who are directly related to the topic. Part of how to make your team meeting interesting is inviting only those who would be interested, and care about the topics you’ll be discussing. Determine what needs to be discussed and invite the necessary members of your team to keep the meeting brief and productive. It is also important to keep personalities in mind when selecting who to invite to a meeting. Gathering the wrong personalities can lead to dysfunction and unnecessary tension, which you want to avoid when trying to get things done.

Note: Authority figures within your business must be present when major decisions are made.

3. Send Meeting Agendas in Advance

I can’t emphasize enough how beneficial a preplanned agenda can be for keeping your meetings quick and concise. Every meeting should have an agenda with clear objectives and a time frame for discussion. You should include an explanation of how each topic up for discussion and how you will be taking suggestions. This will help your team fully understand the conversation and improve the productivity of your meeting.

4. Keep Things Moving

Make your meetings meaningful and engaging by keeping things going at a brisk pace, but allow enough time for a thorough discussion. Call on your members by name when their participation is needed. Vague discussions lead to vague responses. Have everyone look at the same document throughout the meeting to keep them involved and ask for feedback.

5. Always Give a Summary at the End of Each Meeting

Keep your team on the same page before you leave each meeting by doing a quick summary of the discussion and decisions made. Allocating 5 minutes at the end of your meeting for this summary will ensure shared understanding and clear commitments.

6. End the Meeting Early If You’re All Done!

This one is the most simple tip of them all. Never waste people’s time. If you waste theirs, they will waste yours.

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