How To Effectively Manage an Employee Time-Off Request

Traveling is definitely the norm, especially during the summer months. Many of your employees, especially millennials, tend to value taking paid time-off and trips over materialistic things. Whether it is the freedom to take a half day for lunch or setting out on a week-long excursion employee time-off requests can become a burden for any small business. Manager handling employee time-off request

Today, we will learn how to effectively manage time-off requests so your business will not suffer while employees take a well-deserved vacation.

How To Effectively Manage an Employee Time-Off Request

Create a Time-Off Request Policy

Set a time-off request policy and stick to it. Once you have determined this policy include it in your employee handbook so employees can reference the policy as needed.  The time-off request policy should be detailed and outlined so both the employer and employee are clear on the expectations for requesting time off.

Hire Seasonal Workers

Summer is typically the “busy season” for many small businesses. If you could use an extra set of hands or two during peak seasons, consider hiring seasonal workers. Whether it’s an intern, college student, or temporary worker, seasonal workers are great for covering shifts and can bring fresh ideas to the company.

Schedule Employees in Advance

Last-minute scheduling leads to last-minute conflicts. Make it a habit to handle scheduling for employees at least a few weeks or a month in advance. Inform your employees ahead of time so they know when they are expected to work and make sure your preferred window to receive time-off requests is mentioned in your employee handbook.

Tip: If you typically have multiple paid time-off requests for the same week, blackout those dates so other/new employees are not allowed to request those days off.

Offer Overtime

Breathe! Hear us out on this one…

There are some team members on your staff that prefer to not travel during the busy season(s). Have these employees work an extra shift or two (or three ?while others are out of town on vacation. This is a great reward for dedicated and passionate employees; and if you can’t offer overtime, increase their salary by a dollar or two during the busy months for their extra effort.

Note: Don’t forget to consider overtime when these type of employees, as there are strict state requirements regarding this.

Deny a Time-Off Request

As hard as it may be, it is okay to say “NO!” Don’t yell it, of course, but know that you do not have to accept every time-off request that hits your desk. If time off is not feasible at the requested time, offer the employee alternative dates and work with them to help build or maintain a positive working relationship.

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