How-To Tuesday: Adding a Wage Garnishment

Do you need to add a wage garnishment to an employees’ profile? PayWow makes it super easy to do so! Here’s how to get started:

From the dashboard, navigate to the employee directory. Once there, select the employee’s profile you wish to add a garnishment.

Once you have selected the employee’s profile, follow these steps to add a wage garnishment:

  1. Select ‘Deductions and Reimbursements’ from the dashboard

2. Then, select ‘Add Garnishment’ 

3. You will then need to set up the details of the garnishment. To do so:

  • Select the garnishment type
    • You can select between child support, support arrear, IRS levy, state tax levy, local tax levy, student loan, income execution, income agreement, bankruptcy, or other garnishment
  • Select the frequency of the garnishment
    • You will need to select whether the garnishment will occur every pay period or just once
  • Select the occurrences of the garnishment
    • You will need to select the number of payrolls from which the garnishment will be deducted
  • Select when the deduction will start
    • You can select the garnishment to start with the next payroll or with future payrolls
  • Lastly, select the amount to withhold
    • You can select either a fixed amount or a percentage

4. You can also attach a reference document. These would be documents that support garnishment of the employee’s pay such as a garnishment notice.

5. After you input all of the information, select ‘Save.’


PayWow is here to help you run your payroll efficiently while ensuring tax compliance! PayWow also offers customizable payroll features for different industries! Take control of your payroll now with PayWow!

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