How-To Tuesday: Adding an Employee to the Time Clock

PayWow’s innovative time clock makes it easy to track employees/contractors’ shifts, breaks, time-off, and more! Employers can also ensure these records are accurate with PayWow’s location-based time clock. All of the time tools you need are accessible through both the web and PayWow’s mobile app, myPayWow.

Follow these steps to add an employee to the time clock with PayWow:

  1. From the dashboard, navigate to the settings tab

2. Within the setting tab, navigate to the “Time and Attendance Settings” and select the “Time Clock”

3. In your time clock settings, navigate to “Employee Time Clock Access”

4. Select the edit button in the upper right corner

5. Go to the employee you wish to provide time clock access to

6. You can provide the employee with either in-app access, kiosk access, or both.

7. After you’ve selected the type of access you would like to provide the employee, select the “Save” button in the lower right corner.


PayWow allows you to easily track your employee’s and contractors’ work time from anywhere, anytime. When you provide employees/contractors with time clock access, they can clock in/out from shifts, submit time-off requests, and view time clock summaries all from their mobile devices. PayWow’s integrated time clock makes your payroll simple and accurate!

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