How-To Tuesday: Changing a SUTA Rate

State unemployment tax rates vary by state and can change annually. As the year-end approaches, you should check your tax rates for federal, state, and local taxes and be on the lookout for any changes you may need to implement in your 2022 payroll. If you do need to update a tax rate, PayWow makes it quick and easy to do so!

Follow these steps to update your State Unemployment Tax Rate with PayWow

  1. From the dashboard, navigate to the settings tab

2. From settings, select the tax compliance settings section

3. From the tax compliance settings, select the correct state

4. When you select your state, you will see an overview of your current state tax information

5. To edit your current rate, select the edit button on the right

6. Enter the new rate, and click save


As the year-end approaches, it’s also time to start thinking about filing Forms W-2 and 1099. If you are a business owner that needs to meet your annual filing requirements, it’s time to start filing now! PayWow is here to help you meet these year-end deadlines quickly and easily!

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