How-To Tuesday: Setting up Check Printing on PayWow

After running payroll, employers must either pay their employees by direct deposit or check. PayWow gives employers/employees the option of choosing their preferred payment method between direct deposit or check. If an employee/contractor has opted to receive checks as their mode of payment, the employer may print checks from PayWow along with a paystub. 

PayWow allows employers to create custom checks for employees and contractors using the check printing feature. Here’s how to create and print a payroll check with PayWow:

  1. From the dashboard, navigate to the settings tab

2. Once there, navigate to the payroll settings portion and select check printing

3. Select the ‘Enable Check Printing’ button

4. Once check printing is enabled, PayWow will provide a check layout for you. If you want to create a new check style, select the “New Check Style” button.

5. To begin creating a new check style, select a template name, check layout, and check type

  • Check Layout
    • 3 checks or 1 check with 2 vouchers (check at the top, check in the middle, check in the bottom)
  • Check Type
    • Pre-printed
    • Blank Stock

6. You will also be able to customize your check options and the items you would like to be shown on your check. These include:

  • Company name and address, check number, bank name and account name, payee address, memo (payroll period, leave blank, others)

7. You will also be able to customize your voucher layouts with the specific items you would like to be shown. These include:

  • Payee name, pay date, description, amount, year to date, total amount and year to date

8. After you’ve customized your check features, select the save button. Your new check layout will be displayed. You can use the icons in the upper right corner to edit or preview your check. You can also set the check as your default layout.


Whether you pay your employees/contractors by check or direct deposit, PayWow has got you covered! With PayWow, employers can create customizable checks that they can easily print and distribute to their workers. PayWow is here to make payroll easy for every industry!

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