Payroll is Important: What Successful Entrepreneurs Know

Payroll is important for successful business ownership.
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Payroll isn’t exactly glamorous. Odds are, your visions of starting your own business didn’t involve the finer details of paying employees.  More than likely, you envisioned the fruits of your efforts. Perhaps you saw yourself on a yacht, not stuck in the office. Payroll meant finally paying yourself.

Like you, many of today’s tycoons began their climb to fame and fortune with little more than an idea or a talent that they wanted to share with the world.  From Jeff Bezos to Martha Stewart, by the time we hear of a successful entrepreneur, they’ve already purchased the yacht. They’ve made their mark. Plus, they have a team of people helping them holding it all together.  We don’t see the days and months when they were first starting out. But rest assured, those days and months included dealing with payroll.

Payroll is Important: What Successful Entrepreneurs Know

How important is payroll?

Entrepreneurship sounds like a lofty goal.  Small business owner, on the other hand, sounds doable.  Until you get into all the intricacies involved with running your own business, that is.  Small business owners sometimes bite off more than they can chew. Small is a relative term.  Performing the tasks that keep the operation afloat is a great feat, by any measure. Managing all the details, from legal matters to client demands, can feel like spinning plates. Business owners must keep their priorities straight. One priority that new business owners often overlook is payroll.

Initially, you were alone for a while, until you got to the point that you were able to hire others to help you. You might’ve relied on help more erratically at first, hiring a contractor here or a freelancer there.  They helped you out in a pinch, or took care of something just outside your area of expertise. You paid these helpers in a one-off fashion, and your responsibility to them was done.

Now, you have a regular, daily staff – even if it’s just 2 or 3 employees – and every payday they are looking to you, with their hand out.  These employees are relying on you to help them support their families, pay their mortgages, live their lives. 

How do you handle that?

Well, first pat yourself on the back.  You’ve made it this far. You’ve gone beyond the point of having big business ideas to actually owning a business. You are all the way in, chips pushed forward, building and managing a living, growing business.  

Enjoy that! Sit back and smile.

Now, while you’re seated, here’s some truth:

You’re going to need some help.

There’s a reason larger businesses and corporations have entire departments devoted to payroll, tax compliance, and other administrative issues.

Payroll can be difficult, and it gets complicated quick.  If you try to do it all on your own, you can easily get in over your head.  

You might find yourself doing so much more than you ever thought, and what’s worse, not doing what you envisioned when first tapping into that entrepreneurial spirit inside you and striking out on your own.  

payroll stress can be avoided
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Pouring over tax forms and time clock spreadsheets may not be what you had in mind.  

Has managing your business ended up being more than you bargained for? It’s time to look into your options.

PayWow is made especially for small businesses like yours – for entrepreneurs who have made their way to become small business owners.  Your status as a mover and a shaker, as someone who actually went out and made their idea a reality, should be respected, and you should get all the help you deserve.  PayWow can provide that help through our custom-fit payroll, time management, and tax compliance solutions.

We’re here for the little guy.

PayWow is the product of a company that knows exactly what it’s like to start out with little help.  We understand that you don’t have an entire department of accountants and certified professionals. We can make that work. 

You can rely on us to take care of payroll, complete direct deposits, and file necessary tax forms. We even keep track of your employees’ time off requests and emergency contact information!

Does that sound good?  What a relief! Roll up your sleeves.  Let’s get started.

Take My Payroll Seriously!

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