Leadership Inspiration: Meaningful Motivation that Moves You

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Does your leadership mojo need a lift? Have you lost the bounce in your step?  Sometimes, leadership takes a toll. Especially when your business is going through a tough spot.  Being the boss is a breeze when business is booming. If you’ve reached a slump however, your ability to influence your team could feel slowed.  Don’t let setbacks get you down in the dumps. Your staff is watching!  Perk back up with these high energy, motivational videos.  They come from some of the most persistent, active leadership thinkers and builders in the business.  

Leadership Inspiration: Meaningful Motivation that Moves You

Be active.

Brendon Burchard begins with a basic premise.  Every business needs to operate under the philosophy that what they are doing is important.  As long as this idea is in place, the leadership actions he suggests come relatively easy.

Burchard’s list of leadership actions are not tasks to cross off a list.  Instead, he makes it clear that these six concepts should be carried out constantly.

“If you can’t motivate them

with your passion and your example,

then what are we doing?”

Brendon Burchard

Fortunately, they’re easy to remember because they all happen to start with the letter “E,” as in entrepreneur:

  1. Envision
  2. Enlist
  3. Embody
  4. Empower
  5. Evaluate
  6. Encourage

For Burchard’s rousing explanation of each, watch the video below:


It took you so much sacrifice to get to where you are. Maybe you think now you don’t have to sacrifice anymore?  Not so, says Simon Sinek.  In fact, if he had it his way, leaders in the business world would be expected to sacrifice even more.  In his mind-opening TED talk, Sinek gives two incredible examples of leadership.  For the first, he relates a true story – not from business, but from the front line of battle.  

“In the military they give medals

to people who are willing to sacrifice

themselves so that others may gain.  

In business, we give bonuses

to people who are willing to

sacrifice others so that we may gain.

We have it backwards.”

Simon Sinek

Next, Sinek tells the audience about the uplifting result of one businessman’s decision to offer lifetime, permanent employment to everyone he hired.  Can’t imagine?  Imagine this.  When profits took a downward turn, his staff rallied to show their appreciation for his faith in them.  By helping each other, they helped the company stabilize and grow.

You have to hear the whole story.  Watch here:

Move like a boss.

Participate in this short quiz that Vanessa Van Edwards gives two morning show hosts, and you’ll never look at anyone the same way again.  And maybe they’ll never look at you the same way.  Full of surprising answers and explanations, Van Edwards’s tips and tricks are backed by research.  Want to know whether or not you should smile when you walk into the room if you want to be recognized as the “alpha”?  Wolves show their teeth, right?

“Research shows that, intuitively,

we pick up on someone’s ability to lead.”

Vanessa Van Edwards

Your answer will determine whether or not you become the leader of the pack.  While there’s some doubt about how successful someone might be at something like monitoring how they hold their head when speaking, you can certainly learn some things to look for when entering a new environment, for example.  This video might be most helpful for those who are just joining an organization, or are working their way up through the ranks of an organization, and want to know what’s what, or who’s who.

To find out the subtle ways we tell people who we are – leader or not – take the quiz:

It’s all about you…and everyone else.

Talk about high energy.  It’s hard to imagine that this fitness leader would ever need a boost.  Good thing he’s in the business of boosting others.  In this fast-paced, quirky and casual video, Canole teams up with another influencer to go over some quick thoughts about leadership.  After, you won’t be feeling quite so left out.  Canole admits that leadership can be a lonely path.  After all, you make the choice to become a leader, you pursue that goal.  You may be recognized for your efforts and given the opportunity, but no one was ever offered a management position while they were sitting on their couch.  You took those steps, and you alone decided to take them.  Still, once you get to the top, that’s when certain considerations kick in.

“Would you follow you?”

– Drew Canole

Canole makes the point that, though you’ve walked a lonely, singular path to the top when you look back, it’s all about connecting with others.  In fact, your ability to do so will make or break you.  It’s important to still invest in yourself, but be aware of how you affect others.  Most importantly, make sure your presentation of yourself to others is authentic.

For the high intensity, maximum impact version, click play:

Choose the right tools.

Now that you’re pumped back up and firing on all cylinders, it’s time to get back to work!  If you’re afraid you could lose your gumption again, grab some tools to keep that from happening.  One tool you could use to make sure your motivation doesn’t hit a speed bump is PayWow. Take payroll off your shoulders!  PayWow is a payroll software that helps you pay your employees, track their time, and stay tax compliant! There are so many features available to help you and your business, yet prices are kept low to serve you without breaking your bank. We just put an extra little kick in your step, didn’t we? Give us a call, today!

Give me tools to lead!

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