Using Geo-fencing to Manage Your Payroll

The greatest sign of your small business’ success is not being able to monitor everything at once. It’s good to know there’s a simple solution: Geo-fencing. PayWow  and PayWow’s companion Kiosk app have you covered, literally and geographically, with location-based timekeeping.

Geo-fencing is a software feature utilizing a global positioning system (GPS) to define geographical boundaries on a specific worksite. Simply define the parameters of the job site, and allow your contractors access to PayWow’s Kiosk app. From there, they can easily clock in or out for each shift or break. When you’re ready to process your pay schedule, integrate the information from myPayWow and initiate Direct Deposit or print checks.PayWow Kiosk

GPS Timekeeping Is Designed to Help You Manage Payroll So You Can Manage Your Business

PayWow integrates GPS-based timekeeping so small business owners can manage their contractors by allowing them to clock-in or out on a job site. With customizable settings, employers can allow contractors to clock in offsite or within defined parameters. With PayWow’s easy-to-use Kiosk app, contractors can log in using a specifically generated QR code. Business owners and Contractors can use geofencing to track breaks providing employers with a real-time method to monitor their location and work habits.

If a contractor forgets to clock out, myPayWow automatically clocks them out after 24 hours. PayWow understands that managing your payroll is essential to being successful. We work to build the trust that you need to manage your small business.


Geo-fencing works with myPayWow to increase productivity. Once a contractor has clocked in, employers are able to track how projects are progressing. Geo-fencing allows you to develop trust utilizing the honor system by adjusting the settings contractors use to track their time. 

When costs are essential to a project’s bottom line, GPS-based timekeeping puts productivity first. Don’t be held down by location restraints, PayWow is the solution that allows you to be everywhere at once. Contact PayWow’s US-based support team now and take back control of your busy schedule.

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