Mother’s Day: Happy Moms Are Your Business!

Here at PayWow, we know there’s a reason why “MOM” is “WOW” upside down.  Our whole world would be upside down without a mother’s love. So, a mother’s special day simply can’t be bypassed.  We wouldn’t make that mistake! To celebrate, we’re recognizing just how important mothers are in relation to business – from the entrepreneur mom, to the working mom, to the mom who walks in the door as a customer with that super purchasing power – and coupons!  We’re grateful for every mom out there, and we’ll show you how you can give the moms in your world a little gratitude.  

Mother's Day 2019


If you’re a mom who is running her own business, you’re truly a super mom.  In addition to your children, you’re someone who birthed the phrase, “I don’t know HOW she does it!”  You’ve struggled with late nights and early mornings, whining toddlers and complaining clients. Your life is a whirlwind of sippy cups and spreadsheets. You’ve taken entrepreneurship to new levels and, often, shown both mom AND pop how it’s done.  No one can discredit your fierce resolve to have it all. You’re a walking scale, with the weight of both worlds – business and family – on your shoulders. If there were ever a day for you to give yourself a break, this is it. You’re in control. Decide to give yourself – and the moms who work for you – the day off.  You could set an example that the rest of the business world would do well to follow.

Take it further: As you grow your business, consider supporting other moms by offering paid maternity leave options for your employees.  Also consider providing options for employees who are caring for elderly parents, be it their mom or dad.

Mother's leave for childbirth

Working Moms

No doubt about it – working moms are the backbone of our society.  Once upon a time, it was rare for a mother to have a job outside of her tasks at home.  Today, of course, our economy counts on two incomes, and mothers now provide a necessary contribution to their family’s stability.  More than a financial must-have, mothers are seeking the personal fulfillment of work outside the home. Also, as more and more businesses allow employees to work remotely, some mothers are able to pursue career interests without using childcare services.  Regardless of her work location, a mother is a valuable asset to any company. Working mothers should be given every recognition possible – from time off to flowers or small gifts. Mother’s Day could even be turned into a “Bring Your Mother to Work” day! Who knows? Employers who take advantage of this idea might find their employees are suddenly on their best behavior!

Sensitivity Caution: Staff members may have experienced loss – the death of a parent, miscarriage, etc. that could make the spotlight on this day very uncomfortable. Recognize mothers without singling out individual employees.  For example, bring flowers, place them in a central location, and invite employees to take one if they wish.

Mother's care is crucial

Customer moms

If you have a customer or a client who is a mom, you know you’ve really earned their business! Mothers are some of the most savvy shoppers out there.  Often looking for the best deal and the best quality, moms develop a keen eye for what works with their family. It would be a good idea for you to find a special way to recognize mothers and let them know that you appreciate their business.  Most stores often carry special items for sale on Mother’s Day, or even offer discounts for certain items. Consider offering a sale or discount across the board for your services or products. Not every mother is interested in a foot bath or bath robe.  Recognize the diversity of motherhood by spotlighting items or services outside of the stereotypical. There are moms who fix cars, and moms who go camping. It would also be great to recognize the particular strength of single moms. Mother’s Day is a huge opportunity to make your business stand out by going against the grain, while still recognizing the traditions of the day.  

Sensitivity Caution: Again, customers or clients may have experienced loss that makes this day very difficult for them.  While it may seem like a nice touch, refrain from having your employees add “Happy Mother’s Day!” to their script when interacting with customers. Instead, consider having a dish of Mother’s Day chocolates available, with a “Take one!” sign.  This allows customers to opt into the celebration, without having it forced on them, and without having to come up with a response when they may be hurting.  

Mother's spending in your store is a vote of confidence

Happy Mother’s Day from PayWow

At PayWow, we recognize the incredible contribution that mothers make to our world, and to business, in every industry.  From mompreneurs to clients, mothers are the driving force that keeps things moving. Without mothers, none of us would be here!  Mothers are often the first to encourage us when looking for a new job, asking for a raise, and even starting our own business! In every way, our mothers give us the confidence to step forward.  PayWow wants to continue the supportive work that mothers invented by offering your business a payroll solution catered to you. We can’t wipe your nose and kiss your boo-boo’s, but we can certainly help you get your business on track with time management, tax compliance, and employee pay. It’s not everything a mom can do, but it’s a pretty good start!

Mother's Day celebration

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