What You Need To Know About the US Government Shutdown

A partial shutdown of the US Government that began towards the end of 2018 has now continued into the new year, with no ending date in sight.

The shutdown initiated from lawmakers failing to reach an agreement regarding funding for President Trump’s border wall proposal.

Here is what you need to know about the US Government Shutdown.

What You Need To Know About the US Government Shutdown

Federal Benefits (New Applications)

Unfortunately, all new applications for federal benefits are at a standstill and will not be processed until the US Government Shutdown ends.

If you or a loved one already receive federal benefits (Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid), you will still be paid as usual.

IRS Shutdown

Due to the federal government shutdown, the IRS is partially closed which means that some services typically offered are currently not available.

This includes no tax returns or tax audits. However, automated processes of the IRS including the acceptance of electronic returns and processing of payments will proceed as normal.

Passport Offices

Passport offices that are located in federal buildings are forced to close during a US Government Shutdown. However, most passport offices will remain open as long as they generate enough funds to maintain operation.

Immigration Services

Immigration services typically operate during a shutdown, except for programs such as E-Verify, which checks whether or not an employee is authorized to work in the country.  

Food Inspectors

Seafood and dairy product inspectors Inspectors that work for the FDA are furloughed during a federal government shutdown. Only USDA inspectors for meat and poultry continue working during a shutdown.

National Park Closures

? Shocking, right?! Believe it or not, many national parks have been closed since the shutdown began. Although some parks are still accessible to visitors, most will not offer visitor services including road maintenance, restrooms, and trash collection.

The following National Parks are subject to effects of the federal government shutdown:

  1. Appalachian
  2. Blue Ridge
  3. Cape Hatteras
  4. Cape Lookout
  5. Carl Sandburg Home
  6. Fort Raleigh
  7. Great Smoky Mountains
  8. Guilford Courthouse
  9. Gullah/Geechee
  10. Moores Creek
  11. Overmountain Victory
  12. Trail of Tears
  13. Wright Brothers

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