PayWow Is The Onboarding Solution You Need To Know

Finding a simple onboarding solution for new employees is a necessary aspect of developing any small business. Growing your staff is an indication that you’re doing something right. And like anything else, expansion isn’t free of headaches. Bringing on new personnel can be exhausting and distract you from the larger responsibilities of your company. Simple onboarding solution

Acclimating newly hired employees can be a time-consuming routine, easing this process is essential. Hours spent walking new employees through onboarding cut into the time they spend learning their new role. A small business can get lost in the time wasted manually entering and filing paperwork. Finding a solution can make a tremendous difference in reducing frustrations and increasing overhead.

Every Difficult Problem Has A Simple Solution

How can new employees assist in the onboarding process?

PayWow and its companion app myPayWow, are the secure, mobile-friendly tools allowing employers to eliminate the paperwork they’re required to process. Employees can fill out new-hire and tax documents remotely, creating more time to adjust to the company and role.

Simple onboarding solution

A Few Simple Clicks Can Improve Your Efficiency

Simply follow the prompts within PayWow and invite employees to myPayWow via email.  In just a few clicks, they can then remotely e-file and update personal information, bank account details and tax forms. myPayWow additionally allows employees to choose their preferred payment method via check or direct deposit from their tablet or smartphone.

myPayWow allows employees to input their personal information, ensuring accuracy. Upon completion, you’ll be able to store and access personnel and compliance documents via cloud-based storage. 

Could it be any easier? We doubt seriously doubt it.Simple onboarding solution

PayWow understands operating a successful business isn’t easy, so we’ve developed an onboarding solution to work as your trusted partner. Contact PayWow now and let us manage the work preventing you from doing what you do best: growing your business.


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