Paycheck Buster: How to Follow Your Passion to True Bliss

Why would a payroll service company tell you how to bust your paycheck?  Shouldn’t we be promoting pay? Well, we do. But we also know that each and every person who provides or receives a paycheck has hopes and dreams that they are working toward and believe you need to follow your passion.  Your current job may find you fulfilling those dreams, or not. It is important to both employers and employees that the work to which we’re devoting most of our waking hours has meaning. Business owners will find that when this is happening, their business is growing exponentially, and employees will find that they are able to experience the pride that comes with not just hard, but also worthy work.  If you’re feeling like you’re not on the right path, here are some tips to get you going in a better direction.

Be a dreamer, but realistic.

Some say that luck happens when opportunity meets preparation.  We say that dreams come true when what you want to do meets what you can do.  Essentially, our advice here is to not bite off more than you can chew.  We would never suggest that you should squash your dreams, but it is appropriate to scale them down to size.  Take a subjective view of your goals, yourself, and your environment.  Do you want to open a store selling fur coats, but you live in the tropics?  Or, do you want to net a million dollars, but you work for a small non-profit?  These obvious scenarios are extreme examples, but take the point. Don’t frustrate yourself by spinning your wheels in an impossible situation.  Take some time to figure out the realistic version of your dream, and work to make that happen. Who knows? As you continue, you may find that you actually get closer and closer to loftier goals. 

Find the need, not the greed.

So, let’s go with our last example. Let’s say you want to earn a million dollars, and quickly. Say, in a year instead of over a lifetime.  Nothing wrong with that. But, take care that in making a certain dollar amount your ultimate goal, you don’t let that desire send you in directions you’d rather not go.  Beyond the criminal schemes that can crop up when you make cash your compass, the enticement of a large paycheck may tip you over into doing something that is technically legal, but still isn’t in line with your values – with who you are. Remember – regardless of what others choose for themselves, you have the right to follow your own guide regarding how you make your money. Key word: your money. 

One way you can keep yourself on track and still make bank is to ask yourself two simple questions:

1- What do the people/community around me need? and

2- Am I able (physically/mentally/emotionally/spiritually) to provide it?

Give, but get paid.

This one is all about changing your perspective.  Frame it this way: Instead of asking people to give you money, you are offering them something that they will make them glad to reward you. This works whether you are starting your own business and looking for new customers, or an employee looking to change your position and move up in the company. Focus on what you have to give, and communicate that.  Don’t come to the table in a position of asking. You’re giving. And getting paid.  Taking on this attitude will help build your confidence, which always helps.  It will also help put you in the state of mind to impress. If you’re thinking of yourself and what you have to offer, you are better able to offer whatever that is.  If you’re focused on trying to get someone to pay you, you’re automatically off kilter. Ever wonder why you’re being told to constantly focus on the customer? That’s only half the story.  Focus on what you have to offer the customer, not what they have to offer you.  

Pay attention to your quirk.

You know those things about yourself that you think is weird?  Those things are pure gold. Wondering how to make yourself stand out from the competition with your business or as an employee?  Weird it up. Go ahead. This is us giving you full permission. So long as you aren’t violating anyone’s personal boundaries, you’re good.  Just to be clear, “weird” also shouldn’t mean “rob the place blind.” Okay, okay, so you don’t have full permission.  But, if your personality quirk is more along the lines of a wicked sense of humor or a penchant for abstract art, bring that into your business.  That adage you heard a million times about “be yourself” really is the key to unlocking your potential. Once you’re not afraid, you stop looking like everyone else.  And once you stop looking like everyone else, standing out comes naturally. Stay appropriate, but get attuned with who you really are, and flaunt it.

Balance action and patience.

If you’re reading our words and getting all fired up, we’re glad!  We hope to light a fire that encourages entrepreneurs and employees alike to take calculated risks, seek rewards, and live fully.  While we know that paychecks are important, we also now that what you do to earn that money is just as important. We just want to caution you that, even if you are feeling inspired, patience is also important. Taking big action really feels good sometimes, but you’ve also got to know how to play your cards right. That often means knowing “when to hold ‘em.” Make sure your moves are strategic, so there aren’t any surprises.  For example, if you’re a business owner, make sure to keep your cards close to your chest so that no one can steal your idea before you launch it. As an employee, take some time to be observant and get the lay of the land before you go trekking into uncharted territory. Be brave, but be smart.

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