PayWow: The Payroll Solution You Need To Know About

You started a small business, now what?

You’ve chased your dream, caught it and put it in a jar to celebrate and exhibit, then you discovered how complicated payroll really is. It’s almost like you forgot to poke holes in the lid. You need a payroll solution. What do you do now?

Well, you could pay an accountant or bookkeeper. If you’re just starting out, that can really impact your bottom line. Finding a simple, affordable solution is just a click away!

Payroll Solution
Payroll Solution

What is the best payroll solution?

PayWow is the ideal solution for your small businesses time tracking! Set up is simple and with software that configures to countless demands.

Easily create time-off policies catered to the specific needs of your business and employees. PayWow allows you to make any necessary changes and access time-off capabilities anytime, anywhere.

PayWow’s mobile-friendly dashboard allows you to manage time-off and receive notifications when employees make requests through myPayWow. From there, you can approve, deny or add requests on their behalf.

When it’s time to run payroll, PayWow automatically integrates payroll data to ensure that it’s processed accurately, on time. PayWow handles payroll calculations for multiple job roles, time off and tax compliance in just a few clicks.

Payroll Solution
Payroll Solution

With all the benefits that PayWow offers and the simple fact that payroll isn’t getting easier, what are you waiting for? Contact PayWow’s US-based support today and ease the burden of payroll.

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