PayWow: A Contact-Free Time & Attendance Solution for You

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, people are still going to work. As some states begin to open restaurants and hair salons, our employees will need ways to log their hours. An added responsibility for employers is to ensure that social distancing measures are kept. One way to do that is to limit the things we touch. PayWow’s  time and attendance tracking feature offers you and your employees a contact-free solution during this period. 

Time Clock Feature

Our time clock feature is a great way for you to track your employee’s hours. As an employer, PayWow gives you the option of putting the onus on your employees to log in or out of a shift. 

After the employees download the myPayWow application to their smart devices, they will be able to punch in or out of a shift without touching shared or communal property. This limits both risk and exposure to you, to your employees, and to your customers.

Notifications and Geofencing 

With PayWow, as an employer, you can decide how much oversight you have regarding clock-in and clock-out procedures. 

Though the employees will be able to record their hours through the myPayWow app, you can have notification emails sent to you. After they manually enter their time, you will be able to see it on your device. 

You can choose to approve their recorded shifts or have this process automated. Small business owners have to juggle tasks and be able to switch from such seamlessly. With PayWow, we want to put the decision in your hands. The degree to which you are involved in this process is up to you.

Another key feature of myPayWow is being able to establish a geofencing location around your business. This will allow you to choose where your employees will be able to clock in. You can set a radius that could include your place of business, the parking lot, or any distance you choose. 

For more information about how to set this feature up, visit us here

Scanning With a Kiosk

With our kiosk, you can choose to have your employees clock in at your business without requiring them to touch anything. During the pandemic, we are trying to avoid touching shared screens or using stylus pens that are in contact with other people. 

The PayWow kiosk lets you set up a contact-free station for recording your employee’s hours. Your employees will be able to scan their QR code from their phones to the smart device you have at your business. An added feature is that it also takes a picture of the employee when he or she clocks in. This, like the geofencing feature, prevents time theft. It ensures that only the employee who is supposed to be clocking in will be able to do so.  

Read more about our kiosk services here.

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