PayWow: The Most Important Tool For Paying Contractors

Small renovation projects aren’t “small projects” they’re just smaller headaches, especially if you don’t understand the process of paying contractors. Trying to figure out compensation and navigate tax laws isn’t a natural instinct and nobody needs the IRS coming after them! What do you do?

Paying Contractors
Paying Contractors

Let PayWow Handle Paying Contractors

PayWow was developed to make contractor payroll as streamlined as possible. Signing up is simple and secure and processing your payroll is just a few clicks away.

Set up your PayWow account and in minutes you’ll be paying your contractors and generating any applicable tax forms. Don’t believe it’s that easy? This is all you need to do:

  • E-sign PayWow’s Service Agreement
  • Add Your Bank Account Information
  • Onboard Your Contractors
  • Request Their W-9s 
  • E-sign PayWow’s Authorization Documents
  • Upload Your Supporting Documents
  • Pay Your Contractors Via Check or Direct Deposit

Inviting your contractors to download the myPayWow app allows them to input their personal information and begin tracking their hours and initiating payments.

With cloud-based software, you can make Direct Deposits or print checks directly from the app, anytime, anywhere!

Using the myPayWow app, initiate your contractor’s pay. They will then receive a notification of payment and can view their statements in myPayWow.

Paying Contractors
Paying Contractors

Does PayWow Handle Tax Filing?

PayWow understands how complicated taxes can be. We’ve removed the worry of dealing with the IRS by automatically generating and mailing your contractor’s year-end 1099s. We eliminate the worry surrounding missed deadlines and unnecessary penalties.

PayWow’s cloud-based software also allows you to access your stored information for seven years. No filing. No problem!

Managing your small project is a big task, no matter what your experience level might be. PayWow recognizes you’ve got enough to take care of already, let us take care of your payroll.

Try Contractor Payroll Today!!

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