Running Reports Is Simple With PayWow: What You Need To Know

Managing the expectations of running a small business isn’t easy. As a fleet or small business owner, running reports can be an additional headache on top of everything else you’re already dealing with! 

Why Am I Running Reports?

Your accountant needs a report, HR needs reports. Various branches of the government need reports on everything from taxes and Unemployment Insurance to Garnishments.

PayWow is designed to make running reports for your small business simple. Easily run over 50 different reports based on your needs, simply tell PayWow what you need and get results.

How Do I Run Reports in PayWow?

Run any report in just a few easy steps and get back to doing what you do best – growing your business. 

Below we’re going to cover the steps for processing one of the more common reports that PayWow clients use, the Payroll Summary Report. Setting up and running each report in PayWow is just this simple! 

From the Reports tab in the PayWow Dashboard, begin by selecting Payroll Reports:

Running Reports
Running Reports

Choose Payroll Summary Report:

Running Reports

Make your selections from the dropdown bars in each field for Year, Date Range, Payroll Type, Start Date,  End Date and click Generate Report:

Running Reports
Running Reports

At this point, choose either Download PDF or Download Excel and you’re done!

Running Reports
Running Reports

It’s just that simple! See? We’ve got your back! 

PayWow does the work that slows you down. Generating reports and payroll couldn’t be more simple, we’ve made sure of it! 

Maybe reading a blog and seeing a few graphics wasn’t persuasive enough? We get it. Bigfoot sounds good in theory, but a few “photos” aren’t very convincing. 

Granted, PayWow doesn’t live in the woods of the Northwest, we’re still a rare phenomenon. And we don’t drag our knuckles when we walk or run away when you call us.

Contact our US-based support team today for a free demo and let them answer all your questions.

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