Does Your Small Business Need a Payroll Software?

Payday: Despite being an exciting time for your employee it may not the highlight of your week. Too often payday means late nights and time spent away from running your small business. The average business owner spends about 120 hours to deal with paying employees a year! But does your small business need a payroll software or can you do it on your own? 

While your small business might not be ready for robotic assistants running around or self-driving cars, the right payroll software can make your routine more manageable. Here are a few reasons your small business needs to consider a software solution for handling payroll and tax compliance.

 Payroll Software

Does Your Small Business Need a Payroll Software?

Save Time

According to Score Associates, the average small business spends one to five hours managing payroll each month. That is without including the time spent on quarterly and annual tax preparations. If you choose PayWow, you can spend less time on payroll and more time on more meaningful tasks. Say goodbye to sorting and managing various labor codes and unexpected technical glitches.


Dreaded Payroll Mistakes

There is no easy way around it, mistakes happen, and this can cost your small business valuable time and money. From start to finish running payroll and tax compliance is stressful. From federal and state withholding tax preparation an advanced payroll software, like PayWow can help your business avoid common payroll mistakes.

We regularly update our system based on changing federal and state requirements to keep you tax compliant. Our software and dedicated US-based staff will automatically file your year-end tax forms to ensure you never miss a deadline.


Your Time Is Worth More

Your small business needs your constant attention and dedication. Since there are a set number of hours in the day and wouldn’t you rather spend time with your clients, build relationships with your employees, or brainstorm new marketing ideas?! Your time is worth more generating new revenue than it is figuring out how to pay out past revenue.

 Payroll Software

Do You Need a Payroll Software?

If you are processing and filing your own payroll, we applaud and salute you! We know that’s no easy task. But, might we suggest you give yourself a raise?! Outsource the burdensome payroll tasks at an affordable price! PayWow was created especially for your small business. When you choose PayWow, you reduce stress, save more time, make your employees happier, and increase your revenue! 


So why wouldn’t you sign up for PayWow??

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