Payroll Solutions For Your Small Business You Need To Know

Contractor payroll and compliance, for a small business or fleet owner, can be the most stressful thing you have to deal with. Making sure your employees and contractors are paid on time and their W2s or 1099s are filed correctly is essential to maintaining workplace happiness and productivity. Contractor Payroll

The four basic pillars of success are keeping contractors happy, originating business, managing payroll and tax compliance. 

The Right Questions Are Key To Finding The Right Solutions

Finding the best solution for handling these responsibilities can be a blessing and a curse. Researching the best service for your business is essential to avoid impacting your bottom line.

What should you look for in a payroll software tool? What questions should you be asking to find the best solution?

  • Look for secure software that seamlessly integrates with your current accounting program
  • Having a simple self on-boarding process so your contractors can enter their banking information & personal details
  • Find a service that automatically generates, files, and prints year-end IRS W2 and 1099 Forms. Avoid penalties by ensuring your contractors receive their 
  • A low cost option that allows you the ease and peace of mind you need to hand

Security, efficiency and compliance are crucial to maintaining a successful payroll for your small business or fleet. Take the time to find a service that will grow and adapt to the changes you’ll experience.  

Security, compliance and simplicity are the tools for your fleet or small business to run smoothly. PayWow is designed to help you achieve success. You need a partner that will grow with you and we realize the importance of that.

PayWow’s US-based, award-winning support team is here to help with your contractor payroll and compliance solutions. Contact us today to see how we can help make your business succeed.

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