Successful Journeys: Are you just leaning in? How to LEAP into your life!

Successful business owners leap.
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What does being successful look like? On March 23, 2011, the last episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show aired after 25 seasons.  Less than one year later, Oprah launched a new series called Oprah’s Next Chapter. The show debuted on her very own television network – Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).  

The opening scene from the special two-hour premiere features rock legend Steven Tyler. The camera follows him stomping through his home in his robe at the break of day.  He slides open a door and takes a series of steps before leaping into Lake Sunapee.

Whether it be into Lake Sunapee or into a whole new cable network, successful people leap.

Whatever your goals for your business, you can pick up tips from successful people of every industry.  Learning from the experience can help you turn your dreams into reality.  Here are a few tips on how to leap into your life and succeed.

Are You Just Leaning In? How To Leap Into Your Life!

Successful people take the plunge.

What we’re talking about here is action.  Behind that action is motivation, and courage. The action itself goes by different names. In her 2013 bestseller Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead, Sheryl Sandberg took a gentler approach, urging women to “lean.”  

On the other hand, in his typical rousing, point-blank style, comedian and entrepreneur Steve Harvey gives us the must-do to accomplish success: jump.

Whatever various leaders and entrepreneurs call it, it’s clear that the difference between those who wish to succeed, and those who do succeed is that they all take BIG action.  Action requires courage, and perhaps a deep breath.

Successful people dive deep.

An initial big action to start or grow a business is definitely a must. However, you can’t just execute big move after big move. You might think if big action brings success, then all your actions should be big!

There is room for smaller action as well. In fact, you may find that it is required! After you leap, after all, you can’t leap again until you’ve landed. During your descent, there are likely some small but crucial adjustments to be made. These smaller follow-up actions will require deeper thought, patience and perhaps some guidance.  

The splash you make as a result of leaping can be invigorating! Remember that you must put some energy into those smaller, steady moves that keep you going.

Successful people float to the top.

After exploring the wonderful word of starting your own business, it can begin to feel as if you dove so deep into things that you can’t see your way back to the surface!  You waved to friends, family, and colleagues as they cheered you on. You’ve been excited to explore this new entrepreneurial world. You may have become lost in it! There is so much to learn, and so many ways for you to grow as a person as your business grows!

At a certain point, though, you’ll have to remember that you are more than just a small business owner. You’re also a friend, a family member, and a member of a community.  Just when you feel that you’ve given everything to your business, you realize that you want to give in other directions as well. You want to be a part of both worlds.

Remember to have balance, and to float back to the surface regularly. Reconnect with all that you are outside of your role as a business owner.

Successful people make sure they aren’t carrying any dead weight.

As Steven Tyler was approaching the moment that he would leap into the waters of Lake Sunapee, he took off his robe. He knew that he needed to shed this item so that he wouldn’t become entangled in it during his brief swim.  

Look before you leap.  It’s a familiar piece of advice.  Most assume that this means to look ahead to where you will be leaping. Sometimes, though, you need to take a look at yourself.  Take a look at what may become cumbersome to you and your business after you’ve taken that leap.

Unfortunately, what encumbers you may not become apparent until you are already on your journey.  Ship captains and crews have been known to unburden themselves of “dead weight” if they find that they are sinking.  Taking this measure can sometimes save the ship.

As captain of your ship, if you feel like you are drowning, make sure you consider what heavy load you may be holding onto.  Let that burden go!  Your business can sail to the next port of call.

You took a leap, dove in, but now you’re sinking?

Small business owners often find themselves burdened by payroll, time management, and tax compliance concerns.  This is definitely a weight that can be released! PayWow is a payroll and tax compliance solution developed to help small business owners swim to shore without wearing themselves out.  A payroll solution like PayWow lets you take the next leap!

If you’re ready to take your business to new places with your next leap, make sure you don’t have rocks in your pockets! Let PayWow handle payroll for you, and more!

I’m ready to LEAP!


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