Supporting Small Business During COVID-19: How You Can Help

What we’re dealing with surrounding COVID-19 is unprecedented. The long term impact of this situation will be felt for months, even years, to come. The damage to the economy is being felt daily as the stock markets drop and businesses begin shutting down to help control the spread of this horrible virus.

Independent restaurants and small businesses will be impacted significantly over the coming months. Some of them most likely won’t survive. What we do in our communities to stem the damage is up to us. There are ways you can help your favorite small business, restaurant or coffee shop survive this turbulent time.

Here are a few ways you can help those places you already support:

  • Buy gift cards to use later – Supporting small businesses now buy purchasing gift cards helps provide them with funds to continue in the short term. Save these for later for yourself or give them as a gift and encourage others to shop at these places.
  • Tip a little extra – A dollar may not be much to us, but at the end of the day it adds up and goes a long way towards helping servers and baristas survive. Remember: they can’t work from home.
  • Order takeout or delivery – We all have a favorite neighborhood restaurant or coffee shop that has your favorite pizza or latte. Don’t deprive yourself of these pleasures. Order takeout or if available, delivery, and support these places while continuing to treat yourself!
  • Shop online – A successful small business has some sort of  web presence. Whether they have a website designed for online shopping or social media with contact information for phone orders. Take advantage of these options and let your local retailers know how much you support them. Small businesses are looking for ways to survive this situation. From offering options for shipping or pre-purchased wrapping for in-store or curbside pick up. 
  • Be supportive – Let them know you’ll be there when this passes. Losing your business is hard enough, the emotions that go along with it can be the most difficult part. Being supportive is the reward that goes the furthest. They had a dream, saw it through and they can see it through again. But it takes all of us to make this happen.

Ultimately, the best thing you can do is flood them with your business when this passes and they’re able to reopen completely. Be there for the Grand-Re-Opening. And be there every opportunity you get after that. Rebuilding takes time and patience. We can pull together and get through this.

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