TaxBandits & PayWow: Your Trusted 1099 and W2 Compliance Partners

Tax Season has arrived. If your natural instinct is to groan in agony about the time you waste filing taxes, you’re in luck! Our partners at TaxBandits have the perfect e-filing solution to relieve all your 1099 and W2 headaches!

1099 and W2 Compliance
1099 and W2 Compliance

TaxBandits was developed to provide a user-friendly software, allowing clients to bulk upload their contractors or employees information. TaxBandits is designed to save time and reduce errors prior to transmitting your forms to the IRS. Additionally, TaxBandits mails your employees 1099s and W2s via post prior to the January 31st deadline.

Simplify Your 1099 And W2 Filing

TaxBandits utilizes TIN Matching by validating your employees’ TIN against the SSA database, reducing rejected IRS returns due to TIN errors.

Take advantage of bulk uploading and filing for your employee or contractor’s annual tax forms. TaxBandits makes the process simple so you avoid being penalized for delayed or inaccurate forms.

1099 and W2 Compliance
1099 and W2 Compliance

Contact our US-based support to learn how our partners at TaxBandits can help save you time and grow your business today!

TaxBandits & PayWow

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