Technology: Trending and Useful for Your Business

Until our AI overlords take over, there is  a lot you can do as a business owner to use technology to your advantage.  If your business is stuck in the dark ages, it’s time to see the light! Taking on new technology can be intimidating, but it’s important to get there before you get left behind.  Competitors who stay on the cutting edge of technology will edge you out if you don’t make it a priority to keep up! Don’t worry. We have a go-to beginner’s list for you, and it’s easy to dive into.  Start by adapting just one of our suggestions.  Move on to using more technology as you become more comfortable, and you will see the best results. Your comfort levels might increase faster than you think!

technology helps small business compete

Technology: Trending and Useful for Your Business

Your employees want apps!

We’re not talking about the chips and salsa at Chili’s. You’ve probably complained once or twice that your employees pay too much attention to their phones, but too little time working.  What if you could meet them halfway and turn their technology addiction to your advantage? There are multiple apps available, for encouraging and rewarding employees, for time management and more! myPayWow from PayWow is an app that even lets employees clock shifts, request time off and sign important employee documents!

Get social.

You might roll your eyes when you hear the phrase “social media.”  Images of selfies, duck lips, and those horrid extend-a-sticks come to mind.  You may think that social media contributed to ruining our attention spans, and is more of a nuisance. Social media has even been labeled a danger for it’s researched contribution to depression and anxiety.  However, there’s a reason that social media outlets have become so popular.  Social media can become a productive and impactful part of your marketing plan if used strategically.  Social media can also give you another way to offer customer service and provide an outlet for important customer feedback.


My files? In a cloud?

We know this sounds freaky.  You may be used to keeping important documents in a file folder,  or even a safe. It seems ridiculous that you would send them off into the air! Especially with what you hear about all the breaches that occur.  You can’t risk it.  But actually, there is much to gain from using a service like Google Drive or Dropbox.  These companies are devoted to keeping your information safe, and measures are in place to protect you.  By trusting them, you can enjoy more convenient access to all of your documents, anywhere you go. Also, these online storage services make it easier than ever to share files between employees and team members, making collaboration instantaneous and second-nature.  

technology is the clouds

Message in a bottle, no more!

Speaking of collaboration, your employees need a more evolved way of communicating than gathering around the water cooler.  It is important that employees be able to talk with each other in the least disruptive way possible. With team messaging apps like Slack and others, employees are able to unobtrusively engage throughout the day.  Private conversations are kept private – no one even knows they’re going on.  No more “step into my office” moments that send the office into a flurry of speculation.  Employees can communicate one-on-one, or group chats can be used to keep everyone on the same page. As an added bonus, using these apps reduced the tendency to turn necessary conversations into small talk or gossip sessions.  

Focus on connectivity.

What all of the technology options we’ve offered have in common is the ability to help you stay connected. By using technology, you can better connect with employees, and with clients or customers. Whether you are collaborating on a project, seeking feedback from customers, or tracking your progress, technology can help you.  Make it your goal to try something on this list today, and see the rewards. You might even have some fun! Learning and growing is a huge part of running a successful business.  

Power up your payroll!

One piece of technology you can’t miss is PayWow!  PayWow is a self-serve payroll solution that uses the most up-to-date technology and features. PayWow turns you into a payroll expert overnight!  Yes, you! You can do it. Just a few clicks and you’re running your company’s payroll! Plus, you don’t have to hire an expensive certified payroll professional. We’ve done that for you! We’ve got the know-how, and the customer service to back you up.  Time management, reports, tax compliance assurance, and even an employee app – included! Give it a try today!


Try PayWow!

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