PayWow Will Make You Feel Better About Time Off Requests

Time Off Requests are inevitable as a small business owner. Besides payroll, scheduling, purchasing and every other aspect of running a business, you have to manage time off requests. Sometimes you need a break from it all!

We all need a vacation, some of us have children with doctor appointments, school plays and unfortunately, the occasional illness. Basically – our personal lives are unavoidable and if you have multiple employees, you need an easy solution to manage it.

PayWow Seamlessly Integrates With myPayWow

PayWow’s supplemental app, myPayWow, integrates seamlessly with PayWow to keep an accurate report of each employee’s time off. 

Time Off Requests
Time Off Requests

Invite your employees to use myPayWow via email. After they’ve accepted the invite, they’re able to access and track their time-off. You’ll be notified of their request and can approve or deny it. Their hours are recorded and integrated with PayWow to keep your payroll seamless and accurate.

Communicate And Sync Requests To Your Calendar

Easily make notes for employees regarding their requests and sync to your company’s calendar for a future reminder. 

myPayWow keeps the process of managing time off requests simple. Invite your employees or contractors to enter their personal information, bank account details and fill out important tax forms. After that, they’re able to track their pay schedules, update their information and request time off.

Providing your employees with access to my PayWow to request time off eliminates filling out paperwork and filing, saving you time and money. Above all, your employees will appreciate the autonomy of handling personal time off and you’ll be glad you’re not worrying about handling the paperwork.

Time Off Requests
Time Off Requests

myPayWow’s simple integration with PayWow reduces the headaches of managing the intricacies of payroll that can be frustrating to navigate. Therefore, you’re free to focus on the bigger details of running your small business.

Still have doubts? Send yourself an invite to myPayWow today and request some time off to see how well it works! PayWow can’t make you enjoy your vacation but we can at least help make it possible! 

Try PayWow Today!!

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