PayWow Kiosk: The Simple Payroll App You Need To Know

Managing time tracking for your small business doesn’t have to be a struggle. PayWow’s user-friendly Kiosk app allows you to take back control and ensure complete accuracy in your payroll. 

How Does PayWow’s Kiosk Simplify Time Tracking?

PayWow’s Kiosk app allows you to turn any mobile device into a time clock kiosk for your small business. Once the app has been installed, the device is mounted as a kiosk, allowing employees to use their phones for clocking in or out for shifts. 

Time Tracking
Time Tracking

Employees simply access the myPayWow employee app on their mobile device and generate a unique QR code. When they hold this code near the kiosk, it will clock the employee in or out of their shift. Since employees are required to be onsite in order to use the kiosk, time tracking is accurate!

If an employee forgets their phone or doesn’t have a mobile device, they can simply use the kiosk through the manual recording feature. This feature maintains the authenticity of shift recordings through the app’s photo capturing capability.

How does Kiosk work?

To begin, simply mount the app-installed device (tablet or mobile phone) in a convenient location in  your workplace. 

Kiosk allows employees to generate a unique QR code when an employee records their shift activity, such as clocking in, going on break or clocking out through the myPayWow app.

The employee holds the generated QR code near the kiosk to record any shift activity. 

Scan the QR code and a notification appears on the kiosk displaying the shift status in the myPayWow app. 

Time Tracking
Time Tracking

Employees are able to record their shifts manually utilizing the app’s photo capability. Even when employees forget their phones, employers can rest assured of accurate payroll results.

PayWow Kiosk is the perfect solution for accurately handling your payroll and easing the headaches of time tracking. 

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