Unconventional: How to Measure Your Uncommon Success

You’ve never really followed the rules.  You are unconventional, in life and business.  Maybe your business is tiny. Maybe you stand a snowball’s chance in July.  But focusing on the ways the world is against you won’t give you the get-up you need to get going.  Entrepreneurship isn’t about following the path most traveled. You were meant to blaze an unconventional trail.  So why are you judging yourself by what everyone else is doing? Stop that. Take a different perspective – an unconventional perspective.  That’s more your style, anyway. Here’s how to see yourself as an entrepreneur, and a maverick. We’re not asking you to wear rose-colored glasses.  Just put on some rainbow lenses and take a look.

unconventional success


Count your blessings. That’s what everyone says.  And we’re not discounting this advice.  We’re just flipping it a little.  We think you should add your failures to your blessings column.  How does that figure? Well, first of all, your failures mean you were trying.  And if you’ve tried, you can try again. Your failures represent your connection to the pulse of humanity – the drive to strive.  Your failures also, hopefully, represent a whole lot of knowledge. You’ve learned from every single time you’ve failed. Maybe you learned who to trust, and who not to trust.  Perhaps you learned that a certain procedure doesn’t work.  Congrats! You’re now one step ahead in the game. So, it’s unconventional wisdom, but try to look at each failure as a step forward. Then, count each step as a blessing.  Easy when you look at it that way, isn’t it?

Life coins.

Those steps forward?  Let’s take an even more unconventional twist.  Picture your life as a huge board game. Each step you take (and remember, each step is forward, failure or not) takes place on the board.  As you go along, you’re gobbling up coins. These coins are life coins, and they count toward your total.  They’re more valuable than gold, or any other form of currency.  Way more valuable than Bitcoin. Life coins are made of the wisdom and laughter (and sorrow) you gather on your journey.  And guess what? You can’t get life coins sitting on the couch. You can’t watch life coin movies and expect to gain your own bank of them. If you’re an unconventional entrepreneur, it’s likely that you actually didn’t get into it for the money.  But in a world of cash piles and lavish lifestyles, how do you express what you’re doing here? At the next business convention, just grin and say life coins. Those who get it will love it.  Those who don’t get it need to get a life coin.  


Odds are, in trying to build your business, you’ve also built your tribe.  These are the people who excitedly jumped on board, regardless of your reckless scheme.  And sure, maybe it will go up in flames. But when the smoke settles, take a look around at the people who helped you stoke the fire. Those are your ride-or-die people.  And some of us work a whole lifetime before we find our crew. By being brave and starting your own venture as an entrepreneur, you’ve also built a network.  That network will last, long after your business is gone. Money doesn’t last, but the relationships that you find will. Set out to help others, and receive help as you go. Ask a business leader what they’ve accomplished.  Often, it won’t be a financial total. They’ll mention those they’ve been able to help or those who’ve helped them. By being true to your unconventional ways, you can lead the way, and smooth the way, for those unconventional few behind you to follow.   

Your Fun Quota.

Every year, thousands of people flock to amusement parks and voluntarily take a seat on a terrifying ride.  Next, they try an even more intense coaster. And there’s nothing like the roller coaster ride of starting your own business.  In times of stress, we can find joy in testing our resilience. We can also relish the bonds that form from going through the fire together. Think of the inside jokes you’ll have. If you’ve never experienced laughing through your tears, try it some time. There is fun to be had, even – and especially – in the midst of the craziness of entrepreneurship.  Make fun a goal for your business. A sense of fun is one of the most unconventional ways to measure your success, and we think one of the best. And sometimes you have to create fun. So, get out there and make fun happen!


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