Useful Small Business Resources You Need To Know

Colleagues learning small business resourcesGrowing a small business can be difficult at first, especially if you lack the proper small business resources that you need to reach the business success that you are longing for. Yes, you have the right product, solid team, and the determination to make things work, but where do you find those secret business tips for effective business development that will last for the long-term? Take a few minutes to learn about the useful small business resources you need to know.

Useful Small Business Resources You Need To Know

1)  Department of Labor

At some point in your small business, you will need to hire workers to improve or sustain your business success. Prior to onboarding new hires, it is in your best interest to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations that apply to the hiring process from the perspective of a business owner. The Department of Labor provides a comprehensive summary of rules you need to know through the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization. Great takeaways from this resource include:

  1. Wage and hour laws
  2. Anti-discrimination laws
  3. Pension plan rules

Being well aware of these topics will help protect your business in the long run.

2) Google Analytics

Having a strong online presence is currently one of the key factors in achieving business success. Using Google Analytics correctly will help customers find your business through social media and website usage.

Google Analytics is free ? and can give you great insight on what is causing people to visit your website, where they are visiting from, how long they are staying, and at what point they are leaving the site. You definitely want to use this resource! It is well worth the time it takes to get Analytics certified (and the certification courses are free too).

3) National Federation of Independent Businesses

The nation’s largest small business association, The National Federation of Independent Businesses provides tons of resources for entrepreneurs and is definitely an association you want to be a part of!

Visit the NFIB website to learn more information on small business webinars, informative articles, infographics, videos, financial matters, legal issues, human resources, and more.

4) The SBA & Small Business Development Centers

One of the best ways to jumpstart or improve business development is to utilize local small business development centers in your area that help entrepreneurs at any stage of their business. Typically, small business development centers offer services for free or at a very low cost to assist with creating a business plan, securing a loan, market research, disaster recovery, and much more.

Tip: State economic development agencies and top colleges or universities typically host business development centers.  


The Service Corps of Retired Executives, often referred to as SCORE, is one of the best small business resources available. For over 50 years, this nonprofit organization has offered education on how to create, operate, and expand business enterprises. Business owners can easily take courses online through SCORE and attend live webinars or watch online.

One of the best things about SCORE is that they have approximately 10,000 mentors who volunteer to help small business owners across the country via in-person meetings, email, or video chat.

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