How might supersonic flight affect the aerospace industry of the future. Aerion has currently not released all of the details of what will be provided with the purchase of the aircraft. Nevertheless, the Aerion Corporation is determined to build the first supersonic business jet (starting at $120 million). 5 / 7. Foreseen as a trijet, the Aerion AS2 will be able to fly 4,750 nautical miles at Mach 1.4 or over 5,000 nautical miles at Mach 0.95. By Izzy Kington on 15th February 2018 Features. Aerion’s timeline to bring the AS2 to the business aviation market. Aerion is investing $300 million into Aerion Park, a 110.6-acre campus on the grounds of Melbourne International Airport in central Florida where the startup’s flagship craft, the AS2… The company says it plans to manufacture 300 AS2 aircraft during the first decade of production. Aerion and Spirit first began formal collaboration in early 2019, working on preliminary design of the AS2’s forward, pressurized fuselage. Supersonic flight is back on the menu as boomless cruise technologies begin to coalesce. Designed to be inherently environmentally responsible from first flight, the AS2 is the first supersonic jet designed to be powered by 100 percent synthetic fuel and reach supersonic speeds without the need for an afterburner. About Gene Holloway. Aerion expects it will cost $4 billion total to develop AS2, with Vice saying the company has spent about $1 billion to build an engine for the jet. Aerion AS2: A $5 Billion Supersonic Saga. Aerion also expressed the hope that AS2 supersonic business jet, can carry out its first flight in 2021 can be tested, and the first aircraft factory commercially available version of the model in 2023. ClearVision Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) and complete Head-Up Display (HUD) will be used on Aerion AS2, the supersonic business jet from Aerion … Aircraft Operations. The AS2 has a price tag of $120 million, which the planemaker thinks is a price that people will pay because of the time savings. Aerion AS2 0. It’s the history of aviation. The Aerion AS2 is set to cost a whopping $120 million according to Elite Traveler! A single AS2 aircraft costs $US120 million, around 30% more than the cost of the largest and fastest subsonic business aircraft currently in development or production with Gulfstream, Bombardier, or Dassault. The Aerion AS2, which has been in ... corporate jet has recently secured orders—including one for 20 aircraft from fractional jet operator Flexjet—at a cost of roughly $120 million for each plane. The Nevada-based company has … The Aerion AS2 will offer a Mach 1.4 supersonic cruise speed (over 1,000 miles per hour). The latest addition to Aerion’s board of directors, Gulfstream and Bombardier veteran Bryan Moss, gives an update on the AS2 supersonic jet development program. This will mean a flight time of 4 hours and 4 minutes between London and New York – almost two hours faster than a typical, commercial flight time of 5 hours and 59 minutes. Facebook. Aerion has incorporated several impressive environmental commitments into its AS2 project. The Aerion AS2 is a supersonic business jet product being forwarded by American billionaire businessman and philanthropist Robert Bass under the Aerion Corporation brand label (founded in 2004 out of Reno, Nevada). As a result, Aerion is adopting various methods for its planned supersonic jet, the AS2. Linkedin. As previously reported by AVweb, Aerion selected Melbourne, Florida, as the site for its AS2 manufacturing plant last May. Aerion says that the AS2, which will be made mostly out of composite materials, will be able to cruise right below the sound barrier, at Mach 0.95, avoiding any sonic booms. Aerion, citing a potential $40 billion market for the AS2, now has a $3.18 billion order backlog and is in discussions for orders valued at another $6.2 billion, he said. With a … Right now, that airplane appears to be the supersonic project that’s closest to reaching the market, but even it won’t appear before 2023. Go faster, higher, farther. You are at: Home » Features » Aerion AS2. Aerion’s pursuit of faster point-to-point travel begins with the launch of the new AS2 supersonic private jet. Aerion Supersonic. Image: Aerion Supersonic Rigorous wind tunnel testing. AIN Online reported yesterday that Aerion had concluded its wind tunnel testing on the AS2. Although originally expected to take flight in 2021, the Aerion AS2 is now is aiming for a 2023 first flight with … Aerion Corp., the supersonic jet builder founded by Texas billionaire Robert Bass, plans to deliver its first AS2 business jet in 2027, with top … This rigorous process represented the equivalent of 78,000 NM flown over hundreds of hours of simulations. If successful, the Aerion AS2 trijet will fly at Mach 1.5, or about 67 percent faster than a conventional business jet, and will make the trip from New York to London in less than four hours. Aerion is looking to begin production of the 8-11 passenger supersonic business jet in 2023. $120 million is equivalent to two G600’s with around $4 million left over! How the AS2’s Operating Costs are likely to compare with current business aircraft. Aerion is projecting an entry into service date for the AS2 in 2027 after two years of test flying and certification beginning in 2025.