These trends worked together so that as the 1990s closed the modern chopper was larger looking, more powerful machine. Style trumped practicality, particularly as forks became longer and longer handling suffered. In fact, one of the major "ages" or stages of human history is named for a copper alloy, bronze. Rare film and photographs from the late 1960s of chopper motorcycles on the streets of Southern California. Alex r Super Reviewer. Laws required (and in many locales still do) a retention fixture for the passenger, so vertical backrests called sissy bars became a popular installation, often sticking up higher than the rider's head. The linkage to AK-47 and helicopter and their rapid response times with respect to their functions may have an analogous relation to fast-paced rap. However, in some states[which?] Another aspect of the backlash was a return to more traditional styling. Similar to the Frisco choppers Diggers were frequently even longer than earlier bikes, but still low. [2], Before there were choppers, there was the bobber, meaning a motorcycle that had been "bobbed", or relieved of excess weight by removing parts, particularly the fenders, with the intent of making it lighter and thus faster, or at least making it look better in the eyes of a rider seeking a more minimalist ride.[3]. Custom Old School looking Evo Chopper/Bobber build Has a 91ci Delkron cased stroker Evo motor with low miles, 5 speed trans with electric start, Wide glide front end with old school gaiters, vintage firestone tires, bobbed fender, custom tailight setup, fatbob style tanks, drag bars, french style headlight, shotgun pipes, forward controls, Softail frame, rides great. 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The American Chopper reality television series featuring Paul Teutul Sr, and his sons Paul Jr. and Mike, ran six years starting in 2003, and featured bike building at Orange County Choppers (OCC). He is covering items made mostly during the period 1851-1951. It is a purplish-orange color. By the early 1960s there was a big enough contingent of people modifying motorcycles, still mostly big Harley-Davidsons, that a certain style had begun to take hold. [39] Beginning with his 1998 album E.L.E. Koop je favoriete motor op Marktplaats. featuring Hopsin and B.o.B[12] or the rapper Twisted Insane's albums. Chopper doing the "Dirty Old Man" dance. The style is one of the major forms of Midwest hip hop, though by the early 1990s it had spread to other parts of the United States including California and New York City, and it has spread across the world since. The Digger became another popular style. [10] German rappers such as Samy Deluxe, Olli Banjo [de], Kollegah, Hollywood Hank [de], DCVDNS [de][10] and Schwartz [de]. In Europe at roughly the same era that choppers were invented and popularized in the US, bikers modified their bikes (primarily English brands like Triumph, BSA, Norton, and Matchless) in a different way, to achieve different looks, performance goals and riding position. 2... Hard Knock Life he describes this, saying of "The Originators" that "we was using that fast style that everybody seems to be using now". By the mid 1970s stock Japanese and European performance motorcycles would outperform most bobbers and choppers. He still has a feeling of distrust for humans from his youth, and will often outright insult and claim that compliments do not make him happy even though he is obviously happy about it (he starts to do the "Dirty Old Man" dance which was a bit by famous Japanese comedian Ken Shimura, which became a running gag). The first famous chopper builders came to prominence in this era, including Arlen Ness who was a leader in the "Frisco" or "Bay Area Chopper" style. A punter that buys or sells a commodity with a hope of making a quick buck, but has no true conviction for the trade. [42] The style has also been adopted in Asia, with Korean rapper Outsider being known for his very high speeds rapping in the Korean language. The large, spring-suspended saddles were also removed in order to sit as low as possible on the motorcycle's frame. [2] During this period, many other rappers in the Midwest that would go on to become highly successful began their rapping careers as underground artists releasing songs in the chopper style, such as Eminem[10] and Tech N9ne. The first, the 2000 special Motorcycle Mania, followed builder Jesse James of Long Beach, California, and is credited with creating "a new genre of reality TV" around choppers. Over the decades since the first choppers were created many different trends and fads have taken hold and held sway, so that it is often possible for someone to look at a chopper and say that it is a "1970s" style or fits into a specific era or sub-type. Copper is a popular metal for high-end costume jewelry, pots and of course, pennies. The resulting bikes are known as café racers, and look very different from a chopper. [26] This success helped to popularize the chopper style across the United States and beyond. [20][21], Although the style of rapping at high speeds had existed in both the East Coast and West Coast scenes as well as abroad, it was not until the 1990s that the style began to emerge as a distinct and popular form of hip-hop. Take a look at chopper hashtags on Instagram, and do those Google image searches and you’ll see more modern “vintage” choppers … The one exception to this was the drag racing arena, which placed a premium on pure engine power, rather than handling over curvy courses. During the late 1960s, the first wave of European chopper builders emerged, such as the "Swedish Chopper" style, but Easy Rider brought attention everywhere to choppers.[13]. Chopper Man is an adorable and extremely cute little reindeer with light-brown fur. The 5-speed transmission is stirred by a hand shifter topped with a billiard ball-another "old" touch for the new machine.. Go to the next page for more photos and details of this Harley-Davidson-powered chopper, Old Skool. With Eric Bana, Simon Lyndon, Vince Colosimo, Renée Brack. The huge success of the 1969 film Easy Rider instantly popularized the chopper around the world, and drastically increased the demand for them. In the South, rappers such as Chamillionaire and Yelawolf have utilised the style,[3] while on the West Coast rappers such as San Diego-born rapper Twisted Insane and Snow Tha Product from San Jose regularly rap in the chopper style. None of the factories were willing to go all out and do things like abandon rear-suspension to achieve the classic chopper look, however. The word has also been used as an informal word for helicopter. [28] Jaz-O was the mentor of the then-unknown Jay-Z, and these albums included the first songs Jay-Z was ever on, "Hawaiian Sophie" and "The Originators". In the 1990's, the Chopper movement was revitalized. chopper definition: 1. informal for helicopter 2. a small axe held in one hand 3. a type of motorcycle with tall…. and the basics of how to build a good handling but still great looking chopper became more common knowledge. A chopper is a style of motorcycle that is the most extreme of customizations. Mark Brandon "Chopper" Read (17 November 1954 – 9 October 2013) was an Australian convicted criminal, gang member and author. [4], The word "chopper" was first used in street and hip hop slang to refer to the AK-47 rifle. [10] The beat tempo of chopper songs, particularly from the Midwest, tends to range from 90 BPM to 180 BPM, a much higher range than most other rap genres. 12 Year Old Builder, Jesse Lawless, handled the entire build for this Mini Chopper, The Gremlin! Chopper definition: A chopper is a helicopter . These featured even longer front ends than the Bay Area style, and had a much higher frame (stretched "up and out").