Buy a copy of the book on IMH eShop at $21. Beyond The Label is the country’s first mental health anti-stigma campaign, which was launched on 8 September 2018 by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) and is a five-year public education effort funded by the Tote Board Mental Health Strategic Initiative. Free Your Feels is a mental health awareness campaign encouraging Georgia's young people to explore their . In order to foster a more understanding and inclusive society in Singapore for persons with mental health conditions, undertaking a collaborative approach is needed. She Set Out To Change That. World Mental Health Day Silver Ribbon (Singapore) is a proud affiliated member organization of World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH, website: Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) has been uplifting lives and promoting mental wellness for all since 1968. Ms N, who contemplated suicide at her lowest point, told The Straits Times the campaign is important as it encourages people not to brush aside mental health, and instead have open conversations about it. To get people thinking and reflecting on the issue of mental health, questions like "What would you do if she were your sister?" Mental health or mental illness is not an easy thing to talk about. A campaign is now underway to help those suffering from grief and mental illness during the COVID-19 pandemic. All rights reserved. Save MtS Technology and Mental Health Conference, Singapore Maritime Week to … Not Everyone In S’pore Can Afford A Pair Of Sports Shoes. Towards the end, it was evident that a more understanding approach towards mental illness had transpired. Share gift link below with your friends and family. All done! Thriving With Nature. 13 talking about this. This article is now fully available for you, Please verify your e-mail to read this subscriber-only article in full. A multi-sensory and participatory theatre experience about youth mental health, in (VISIBLE) is restaged at *SCAPE following a successful debut at Singapore Polytechnic. For more details on how to take part, visit Before the launch of Beyond The Label, NCSS had already been conducting research and studies with regards to mental health in Singapore; this campaign is a direct response to its findings. In simpler terms, being accepted in society despite their condition. Video. Mental health awareness is a universal issue – and mental illness is more common than you may imagine. We're here to bring about awareness to mental health and well-being in Singapore. Singapore Landmarks Light Up In Vibrant Blue Every Thursday From 7-28 May, Under #SeeItBlue Initiative. More than three-quarters of people with a mental health condition in their lifetime did not seek any professional help. Our beneficiaries include youths, adults and seniors. Learn more about OCD at OverComeD, an awareness campaign by a group of students from NTU’s Wee Kim … Our Mental Health Workplace Programmes aim to equip employees and employers with skills and knowledge to take charge of their own mental well-being and to create a supportive environment. The social experiment video featured two moderators and participants ranging from children to senior citizens, where the participants were asked several questions on the topic of mental health in Singapore. Management Training workshops Of those, only a third will seek help 1. Beyond the Label is a movement to address stigma faced by persons with mental health conditions in society. Hear what our leaders from AIC, HPB, IMH, and NCSS have to say! are posed. No. These alarming findings show us that there is a real need to fight the stigma and that changing the perceptions and attitudes of the public about mental illness will ultimately facilitate greater inclusion. Share MtS Technology and Mental Health Conference, Singapore Maritime Week with your friends. As part of the campaign, Touch will also hold a mental health awareness night run called the Light of Hope Run on Sept 30 at Gardens by the Bay. Jen Storm resigns as acting victim advocate for Pa. Top Video / 1 hour ago. The train's six cabins feature information on three conditions: anxiety disorder, depression and schizophrenia. Join ST's Telegram channel here and get the latest breaking news delivered to you. The campaign was officially announced to the public at the Mental Health Festival organized by the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) in commemoration with its 90th year anniversary. Mental health awareness should not only be for a day or two or even a month. According to the Singapore Mental Health Study conducted by IMH in 2010, about 1 in 8 Singaporeans have a mental health issue. real feelings and share them fearlessly. The students shortlisted the three conditions due to a perceived lack of public awareness about them. Leeds NHS created a comprehensive, multi-channel “Future in Mind: Leeds” mental health awareness campaign. The site was designed in collaboration with young people suffering from mental issues and their families and includes real stories, games, and educational resources. Tote Board Chief Executive, Mr. Fong Yong Kian, said: “There is an urgent need for society to understand and accept persons with mental health conditions. A Beginner’s Guide On How To Select An Ideal And Huat... How To Support Local Arts And Culture From The Comfort Of... 11 Korean Restaurants Delivering During This Circuit Breaker. "Before I was even diagnosed, I had already dealt with depression for two years, but I was so scared to talk about it or seek help. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. It hopes to break the social stigma surrounding mental illness, and the people who have them and are still recovering from them. However, in the recent 2017 Attitude Study, it was revealed that there were still challenges in striving towards inclusion due to existing misconceptions. The campaign has been created by McCann Worldgroup Singapore. Since March 2020, to counter the onslaught of mental health problems, Mpower has launched a series of initiatives such as Mpower 1on1 24x7 helpline, Mpower eClinic for tier 2 … Beyond The Label is a special campaign as it was co-created by people of different backgrounds who are recovering from their mental illness. 6 in 10 of them think that mental health conditions such as depression are due to the lack of self-discipline and willpower; which is completely false. Get unlimited access to all stories at $0.99/month for the first 3 months. "Minds Matter" mental health awareness campaign goes virtual Top Video / 56 mins ago. City officials in Singapore decided to take advantage of residents’ daily commute by turning it into an innovative educational and community-building experience. The participants probably thought they were in for a normal one-on-one interview on the topic of mental health in Singapore, but things took a turn mid-interview. This graphic novel chronicles the development of child mental health services in Singapore, including the establishment of two CGCs, IMH’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry department and REACH. Video One of the reasons that May is recognized as Mental Health Month is that despite continuous advances in research, treatment and awareness efforts, there is still much work to be done. For instance, Youth Alliance, which is co-led by TOUCH Community Services and Campus PSY, is a group that aims to provide peer support for youths with mental health conditions. A specially themed train, encouraging families, friends, neighbours and members of the community to support people with mental health conditions, set off on the North East Line, with passengers greeted by a performance of Bruno Mars' Count On Me by local singer Joseph Soh. For years, mental health awareness campaigns have focused on the social stigma surrounding mental illness, and efforts to change people’s perceptions have borne fruit. Community awareness for mental health reduces stigma. Public education efforts meant to spur a change of mindset towards youths in recovery will also be based on the input gathered by the members of Youth Alliance. Richard C. Hunter, Deputy Secretary General of WFMH from 1983 through 2002, envisioned world mental health day as a global and unified effort to promote greater public awareness and understanding of mental health and mental illness. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. But sometimes, it is the things that are difficult to talk about that we need to talk about the most. SPH Digital News / Copyright © 2021 Singapore Press Holdings Ltd. Co. Regn. Without this, there cannot be true inclusion for them.”. For us to achieve inclusion for persons with mental health conditions in society, we first need to start a conversation about mental health itself. 7 in 10 respondents believe that persons with mental health conditions experience discrimination, yet the stigma still exists. Aims: The second Singapore Mental Health Study (SMHS) - a nationwide, cross-sectional, epidemiological survey - was initiated in 2016 with the intent of tracking the state of mental health of the general population in Singapore. By registering, you agree to our T&C and Privacy Policy. Instead of avoiding someone merely because of their mental health condition, why not start a conversation with them? Campaign helping those with mental illness during pandemic. But now, this social movement wants to get us talking about mental health. A Beginner’s Guide On How To Select An Ideal And Huat BTO Unit, These Professional Movers In Singapore Will Make Shifting Out A Breeze. Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 will take place 1o-16 May on the topic of nature and the environment. Singapore’s NCSS launches second edition of ‘Beyond The Label’ mental health campaign. January 18, 2021 By Team PITCH 0. In the 2016 Quality of Life (QOL) Study, it was found that the most important way to support the sustainable recovery of persons with mental health conditions is through social inclusion. It's the Mental Illness Awareness Week, held during the first week of October every year to raise awareness of mental illiness. Aside from that, they also want to change the public’s negative perceptions towards people with mental health conditions and on how to interact with them through this campaign. As a rapid response, we call all Wikipedians for action to create mental health-related articles in ten Indian languages under SWASTHA (Special Wikipedia Awareness Scheme for The Healthcare Affiliates) project that promotes healthcare awareness amongst local Indian communities with the help of existing healthcare affiliates. By adopting an ecosystem approach to address stigma, NCSS is working collaboratively with different partners in providing platforms and creating programmes to increase awareness on mental health by catering to specific demographics. Can Masks Actually Protect Us From COVID-19. Mental well-being is important for a productive workforce and a healthy workplace. And more than 5 in ten respondents are not willing to work, live nearby, or even live within proximity to a person suffering from a mental health condition. When asked about what they thought of employing or dating someone with a mental health condition, their responses were not definite “no’s” but highlighted and focused on the inconveniences that would come with it. But unlike last year's, which featured solely informative panels, the train displays this year include stories from people with mental health issues. In support of World Mental Health Day, 10 October 2016. We must be informed about it because it can easily happen to someone close to us. Find out … They started it by creating the MindMate website that was created to address vulnerable populations. It has since gone viral, garnering over 500,000 views. Change begins with awareness; a lot of the negative misconceptions and impressions people have towards persons with mental health conditions are due to the lack of awareness on the topic at hand. Have You Heard Of Singapore’s First Mental Health Anti-Stigma Campaign? The themed train on the North East Line encourages families, friends, neighbours and members of the community to support people with mental health issues. Mental Health Awareness Week takes place from 13th to 19th May, and this year the theme is Body Image… Change Your Mind is focusing on tackling the stigma around self-esteem. To get commuters to reflect on mental health, questions are posed asking them how they would react to certain scenarios. © 2019 Yellow Pages Pte Ltd. All rights reserved. It is like any other illness and, with help, it is manageable and should not be stigmatised.". FOX 26's Rashi Vats has more. Here’s Why... Racism in Singapore: A Millennial’s Perspective, A Beginner’s Guide On How To Select An Ideal And Huat…, 5 Creative And Cost-effective Uses Of Laminates To Beautify Your Home, How To Support Local Arts And Culture From The Comfort Of…, This 12-Year-Old Singaporean Kiteboarder Is Making Waves Internationally. Introducing: Beyond The Label. One features a woman who wanted to be known only as Ms N, who has depression and shares how lonely she felt when people told her she brought the condition on herself. IMH book authors A/Prof Daniel Fung and A/Prof Ong Say How also provide a guide for families on how to look after the mental health of everyone in the family. The gift link for this subscriber-only article has expired. You are here: Home / latest-stories / Mpower launches mental health awareness campaign. Campus PSY (Peer Support for Youths) provides a support group for those passionate in starting change in the Youth Mental Health space in Singapore. Men's mental health month. Beyond The Label is the country’s first mental health anti-stigma campaign, which was launched on 8 September 2018 by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) and is a five-year public education effort funded by the Tote Board Mental Health Strategic Initiative. Mental illness does not equate to mental weakness; one’s diagnosis is not their identity. In November, we focus on men's mental health. We are here at every step of their journey to wellness while also providing emotional … Mpower is urging netizens to showcase their unique ways of creating this very own #Myndful5 space, by posting interesting images on their social media handles. A campaign to fight the social stigma surrounding mental health issues took to the tracks yesterday morning at HarbourFront station. According to the Singapore Mental Health Study 2016, one in seven adults have experienced a mental health condition in their lifetime. But a log-in is still required for our PDFs. To watch the social experiment, click here. The brainchild of Touch Community Services, and in partnership with Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), the themed train is scheduled to run 18 hours daily for four weeks. Talking to Kids About the News and Current Events (Strong4Life, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta ) With an overwhelming amount of newsworthy events, kids are likely to have questions and need help making sense of it all. On the occasion of its 5th anniversary, … Mpower launches mental health awareness campaign. NCSS posted a video on their YouTube channel in September of this year of a social experiment they conducted about mental health stigma. The idea was to increase … Halfway through the social experiment, the interview moderators revealed that they themselves have been clinically diagnosed with depression and are currently in recovery. HOUSTON - Grief and mental illness are increasing amid the pandemic according to experts, and a campaign is hoping to help bring hope to millions of people. Mental illness – an issue that is still seen as taboo amongst many Singaporeans; and maybe not one’s ideal conversation starter. Students from NYP's School of Health Sciences worked with Touch to design the train. He said: "Mental health tends to be under-reported and understated. The participants were then asked to read a letter written by the moderators themselves on their journey as they lived with and through depression. The study employed the same methodology as the first survey initiated in 2010. The sole purpose of starting Beyond The Label was ultimately to “correct misconceptions, raise awareness and promote greater social inclusion of persons in recovery from mental health conditions”. Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) has been uplifting lives in Singapore's mental health community since 1968. 198402868E. Mr Desmond Choo, Mayor of North East District, launched the train and said he hopes it will start conversations and raise awareness of mental health. So, it’s vital that we recognize what people around us may be going through. "I hope this changes things for others like me," said Ms N, who is now on medication.