Established in 2012, it supports projects aimed at improving local civic and community spaces. We promise not to spam you. For example, one successful project, the Peckham Coal Line, is now in the stage of doing a feasibility study. The original investment funds to develop the site came from social investment funds, primarily Big Society Capital and Si2 Fund. These ideas are explained in her book (The Economics of Abundance: A Political Economy of Freedom, Equity, and Sustainability, Gower in 2010). Maja Pawinska Sims 18 Nov 2020 // 3:50PM GMT LONDON — Misha Dhanak, the co-founder of The Romans who quit the agency in 2019, has joined Spacehive… Besides collecting … Thanks for subscribing! Tom was the former European CEO of Competitor Group that organised marathons and half marathons for up to 40,000 people in big cities across Europe including the inaugural Liverpool Rock ’n Roll … Social ties need to be nurtured, to enable people to contribute to and enjoy their local communities more. Projects that change the place in some long-term way have to go through ordinary public approval processes to ensure that they are of public benefit. Local government is having to transform how it delivers, doing more with less. Spacehive, the world’s first civic crowdfunding platform, aims to democratize the way we shape towns and cities by allowing anyone to create and fund civic projects online. Spacehive just launched to the public after a stint in beta. Ask them to pledge towards your crowdfunding … Spacehive is a United Kingdom -based crowdfunding platform for projects aimed at improving local civic and community spaces. Without smart citizen involvement, our wellbeing within communities risks erosion. Ernst & Young is teaming with crowdfunding platform Spacehive and all of London’s 33 local authorities to support local projects. Here's the problem: There are many urban spaces that have the potential to become lively community hubs but sit empty due to little or no funding. Spacehive is for raising money for projects that help your local area. Through crowdfunding, it’s possible to access a large number of people to raise money for important causes. Spacehive is a civic crowdfunding platform for projects designed to make places better. The average project raised £21,895 ($27,898), 52 percent of projects reach their funding goal, and 99% were successfully delivered. We offer exclusive access to millions of pounds in funding from our partner councils, companies and foundations. Spacehive is the first funding platform for civic projects. This overhead charge makes this site possible. Get a copy today. Spacehive is a civic crowdfunding platform based in London. Civic crowdfunding is an innovative and rapidly growing domain that combines crowdsourcing and microfinancing approaches to identify and fund local-area-improvement projects. Spacehive is a civic crowdfunding platform based in London. The idea is to create a linear park that is a pleasant route to walk or cycle in Peckham (a London district). Sign up for Shareable’s weekly news about the latest people-powered solutions from around the world. Meanwhile, funding by government in civic and cultural projects is under pressure. FUNDS Spacehive partners with councils, companies and foundations to help bring project ideas to life. Spacehive is an easy-to use online platform that facilitates grassroots regeneration by aggregating diverse sources of funding for projects that improve local areas. Town teams, business improvement districts and tenants’ and residents’ associations pitched ideas on Spacehive’s website - a London based civic crowdfunding platform. It works by providing tools that … Dhanak, who quit The Romans in 2019, is now leading the crowdfunding platform for civic regeneration projects. If you create a page for your project idea it will be matched to funds … With half the humanity living in cities (3.5 billion people) and a projected 60 per cent living in cities by 2030, there are a lot of challenges cities must overcome in the years to come. Groups then had to crowdfund … We have the highest fundraising success rate of any UK crowdfunding … It has the potential … Therefore, they are working toward reaching the 11th sustainable development goal of the United Nations: “Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”: Jozef II Straat 20 Rue Joseph II The Mayor supported the best ideas with a pledge of up to £20,000. Like other … What we have seen over the last five years whilst we have been designing and testing Spacehive is that there is a huge, untapped appetite for popular involvement in civic … In order to minimize risk to funders, Spacehive works with Locality to provide a verification service which checks if the project idea is viable and can be delivered once the funding target has been met. Ultimately, benefits will also accrue to the investors in those funds. Donations are philanthropic and the projects have to be ‘civic’ – meaning anyone can use them. For people with great project ideas, Spacehive … However, platforms focused only on civic campaigns exist too, and include Spacehive,, … Spacehive is the world's first funding platform for civic projects. The people who helped fund the project expect to benefit by being able to use the park themselves. Spacehive is a British crowdfunding platform that funds civic projects that improve neighborhoods and public spaces. Previous Spacehive funding … The platform, established in 2012, supports projects aimed at improving local civic and community spaces. People-powered solutions for the common good. Some rights reserved under a modified CC license. For Tier 1 projects we will fund up to 100% of project costs, to a maximum value of £5,000, provided you can demonstrate local support. Some of the key features of an abundant economy consist of shared ownership of important resources and assets, and increased self-reliance at household and community levels. Here's how one organization is working on the problem: Spacehive is a London-based crowdfunding platform for civic projects that bring various places in the U.K. to life. It aims to democratise the way we shape our towns and cities by allowing anyone to create and fund civic projects online. Header image of people visiting the site of a proposed linear park, the "Peckham Coal Line" in London, that successfully raised funds through the Spacehive crowdfunding site provided by Louise Armstrong, Born in Germany and having grown up in Thailand, Korea, and Greece, Wolfgang Wiltrude Hoeschele pursued his higher education in the US, culminating in a doctorate in geography. Make London is partnering with Spacehive, a civic crowdfunding website, which makes it easy to share your project idea online and then begin a crowdfunding campaign to collect donations of cash and … Civic crowdfunding contributes to citizens’ … Spacehive has the ambition to be part of the solution to these challenges. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. For example, in the United Kingdom, Spacehive … The success of these platforms has been mixed. Create a project page on Spacehive to be automatically matched to relevant funds. Spacehive is the first funding platform for civic projects. Here's how one organization is working on the problem: Spacehive is a London-based crowdfunding platform for civic projects that bring various places in the U.K. to life. Civic crowdfunding platforms like Spacehive [1], Citizinvestor [11], Neighbourly [20] etc., aim to generate funding for public and com-munity projects from citizens. *Required field. Some general platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGogo allow civic crowdfunding in their project mix. Please note that any information you enter on the Spacehive website will be held and owned by Spacehive … Born in Germany and having grown up in Thailand, Korea, and Greece, Wolfgang Wiltrude Hoeschele pursued his higher education in the US, culminating in a doctorate in geography at Pennsylvania State University. They connect projects to the people, councils, and companies that are willing to fund them. Spacehive is a crowdfunding website for public space projects. Spacehive is not available for soliciting loans or investments, meaning that funders do not expect a financial return. Previous Spacehive funding successes range from playgrounds and parks to free public wi-fi networks. Benefits accrue not only to the people directly involved, but potentially to everyone in the neighborhood of funded projects. The Spacehive platform itself receives 5 percent of the donated money in order to fund its own operations. How can we tap into this power of crowdfunding to raise money for civic projects? 1000 Brussels (Belgium). As of June 2017, Spacehive had raised £6.7 million ($8.5 million) for 306 projects since its inception in 2012. Civic crowdfunding offers an alternative model, one in which we believe can offer huge gains for Cities and Citizens alike. It aims to democratise the way we shape our towns and cities by allowing anyone to create and fund civic projects online. Numerous cities have partnered with Spacehive (see an example of this from London in "Mayor-supported Civic Crowdfunding Program"). Crowdfunding experts Spacehive are on hand to give you all the advice you need to get started. Through the Spacehive … Online start-ups are rallying citizens to revamp their neighbourhoods. Civic crowdfunding Breaking ground. We make it easy for lots of people, companies and councils to fund things that make places better - like new playgrounds or spruced up parks. Civic crowdfunding is the practice of raising monetary contributions for public interest projects from a large pool of donors through crowdfunding platforms. His research at first focused on land degradation in the state of Kerala in southern India, but subsequently turned to a critique of an economics that finds value only in scarce commodities, because only those are profitable. Please check your email for further instructions. Discover the latest news, tips, interesting reads and events of SI2 fund and the impact sector. Instead, she promotes an economics of abundance, that seeks to ensure that all people, regardless of their backgrounds, now and in the future, are enabled to live well. As the first platform of this kind in the UK, … All of the traditional things you’d do to raise money have been successful on Spacehive … Like other crowdfunding sites, Spacehive facilitates the process of fundraising, complementing conventional methods (loans from banks or individuals, investment funds, grants from local government and foundations) that may be inaccessible or excessively onerous. The risk if a project fails is that funders get no benefit in return for the money they donated, and that project initiators fail to accomplish their goals. Civic crowdfunding is a concept that simply acknowledges that reality and seeks to provide an easy way for everyone to come together to create better places. This case study is adapted from our latest book, "Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons." If you have any questions about Crowdfund Swansea, please contact . It seeks to “make it as easy as possible for as many people as possible to bring their civic … By running a campaign on Spacehive you can demonstate the local … 1.3 Working with civic crowdfunding website Spacehive – the world’s first crowdfunding platform dedicated to civic projects, and London based tech start-up - The Regeneration Team … … The way we live in and relate to our communities changes constantly. You can unsubscribe at any time. Wolfgang Wiltrude Hoeschele now lives in Mannheim and Heidelberg, Germany, focusing his efforts on a systemic analysis of the faults in the economic system that prevent us from living sustainably and abundantly, and on promoting ways to fix those systems faults. In fact, virtually all the ideas promoted on would form part of an economy of abundance. She has made a transition to manifesting a non-binary gender identity, one expression of which is his adoption of a woman's middle name. The projects are oriented to the needs of the people who initiate them, the people they hope to serve, and the people who fund them. Brands using Crowdfunding, Funds and Grants on Spacehive, Green spaces £50,000 on offer from Veolia’s Recycling Fund for Communities By Aaron O'Dowling-Keane | 2019-01-02T15:59:39+00:00 January 30th, 2017 | Brands using Crowdfunding , Funds and Grants on Spacehive … The delivery manager for the project must agree to Spacehive's terms and conditions which ensure the money raised will solely be spent on delivering the project as described. Crowdfunding is built on internet platforms, but when it’s civic projects, you can’t overlook the importance of getting funding from your local area. He then taught geography at Truman State University in Missouri from 1998 until 2014. Spacehive is a funding platform for ideas that bring local places to life: everything from sprucing up the park, or improving a playground, to starting a street market. Report on alternative finance trends in Europe, Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons, The Economics of Abundance: A Political Economy of Freedom, Equity, and Sustainability. ... Spacehive, a British site for urban projects, is one of the busiest of these.