Choose from our selection of single workshops, create a workshop series or multi-session classes for financial education that suit your organization’s needs. What ‘s a Teacher to Do About Emotionally Disturbed Students? Popular dates are quickly taken so contact us now to grab your workshop date while it’s still available. Check out a workbook for a school on-site inservice professional development training and also a workbook for parents who attended a conference for families of children with challenges. The workshop emphasizes the importance of creating healthy and … Workshops; Miscellaneous; Post an Opportunity; Circle; Workshops Page 1 of 2 + Apply for the 2021 Asia Social Impact Incubation Program. The National Youth Foundation works with educators and community leaders to identify students to participate in our Youth Writing Workshop. In the Workshops for Youth Program our health educators develop and deliver interactive workshops to youth aged 14-19 in a variety of settings such as high schools, after school programs, and alternative youth programs. 1. Workshop: Activities to Engage Youth In and Out of School Presented by: Gabriela B. Delgado, M.P.A., M.Ed., P.P.S. Call 1.800.545.5736, or email. My Classroom is Out of Control– and Getting Worse, The Best of: Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth, What to Do About Bullies (It’s Not What You Think). Photography and Protest We pack every minute of every breakout workshop session with must-have, practical tools that will have your participants rating the sessions as among the best. No advance registration or RSVP is necessary, though out of respect to fellow participants and facilitators, students must arrive on time and stay for the entire duration. Youth Ministry Workshop Recommendations. We also are ready to cover older adolescents, incarcerated youth, at-risk teens  and Job Corps students too. Youth Ministry Seminars and Retreat topics. Changing to Chill is what’s known as a practice. These workshops are recommended for youth ministers and student ministry volunteers. Girls bully too. This site is presented for information only and is not intended to substitute It includes topics and tools for overcoming resistance and guiding the process of individual change and confidence to make a change. Yes, you read that right. In our youth workshops, each student creates an individual project to take home—welded sculptures, glass tiles and mosaics, robots and gizmos, and more! One of the hardest jobs in a church these days is that of youth minister. Oct 26, 2017 - Explore Kristina Dianne's board "Youth Workshop/Activity Ideas", followed by 197 people on Pinterest. In addition to our seminars being hosted at schools, agencies, universities, treatment centers, day treatment programs, juvenile justice sites, community colleges and school districts, our workshops have been included as breakouts at hundreds of conferences for over 20 years including sites like these: CA Alliance for Excellence    KY Children with Behavior Disorders    Washington Early Intervention    WAVE National Conference    CA Court School Educators    Oregon Alternative Education    Americorps Washington    LA Families in Need of Services    CA Association of Counseling      and Development    TX Alcohol and Drug Abuse      TACADA Conference    Monterey Herald Newspapers in       Education Conference    Kansas Wesleyan University    Washington State Univ. We have a bad reputation… with fire marshals all around the country. Youth in San Pedro Sula stayed busy last year. skills. The materials can work in almost any setting where youth gather. Whether your group is big or small, Jess speaks to a wide variety of demographics including students, PTAs, sororities, conference audiences, NCL chapters, Girls Scout troops and school administrators. The Youth Resilience Programme includes workshops on skills offered in life skills-based education that deal with emotional and interpersonal capacities. See more ideas about activities, workshop, personal narrative writing. Not only do your workshop participants get a workshop totally tailored to address their students’ exact issues, but the course workbook is also tailored to match too. Workshop sessions allow participants to explore specific choices faced by many in similar situations, in a non-threatening third person manner. Want to help kids live their healthiest?Check out Ditch the traditional presentation. Time is short. Youth to Youth will educate your teens on the issue and train them to deliver this impactful presentation. Our Youth Empowerment Workshops focus on both the personal and societal impacts of exclusion—based on race, gender, class, ethnicity and other factors—and empower youth to become catalysts for social change. Students today have less discretionary time than ever, meaning they and their parents … Here you’ll find resources and handouts that you can print off to give to students or post in your classroom Please note: We have recently moved offices and are in the process of updating our printed materials. Work readiness workshops Visits from representatives of specific industries to speak to youth participants about the employment opportunities and details of working within their industry Mock job search including web-based job searching, newspaper, “cold-calling,” resume writing, cover letter and thank you letter writing They also participate in role playing and other engaging activities that make it fun for them to learn the Y.E.T. Each workshop is now 50 minutes long, and there are more workshop topics to choose from and explore. Get a Job and Keep It PowerPoint 2. The Family and Youth Institute has designed a vibrant and meaningful range of workshops, lectures, and presentations on topics within our four focus areas related to youth… The workshops are hosted in Santa Barbara, CA, and open to any 7th grade through college-age students. Workshop Ideas: Icebreakers, Energizers & Lesson Plans Are you looking for new activities to use in your workshops? All Rights Reserved. This youth-created and youth-delivered presentation focusing on prescription drug abuse and misuse, and its connection to heroin abuse allows your group to engage youth in peer education. What Works with Work Refusers: How to Help Students Who Refuse to Work in School, Cyberbullying Prevention Solutions That Work, “Your Mama 101:” Real-World Anger Control Methods That Work, Must-Know Violence Prevention You Weren’t Taught in College, What You Don’t Know About Conduct Disorders Can Hurt You, You Probably Can’t Name the #1 Girls’ Problem, Spot and Stop Extreme Violence Before It Starts, Help! It’s something you do regularly and learn about over time. As part of their Youth Empowerment Fund project, youth in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, built two covered bus stops. Youth Effectiveness Training is an 18-hour program which is divided into 12, 90-minute segments for easy integration into a life skills or similar program. Public illumination project in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Youth Rising, formerly Workshops for Youth and Families, is a non-profit organization dedicated to “Empowering Youth to Thrive in Life”.We offer powerful, dynamic programs for pre-teens and teens that build character, inspire positive wellbeing, strengthen leadership, build community, and foster social emotional development and resilience. Because we deliver practical, real-world answers to the ever-worsening problems that teachers, counselors, social workers, psychologists, principals, juvenile justice workers, and foster parents see every day. relationships, and discuss challenging topics—all while engaging the hearts, minds, and energies of youth participants. Settlement Workshop and Programs. Pastors or Bible teachers present topics on practical Christian living, guidelines for families, biblical character traits and on taking principles from the Bible into the workplace. Looking for dynamite, compelling breakout workshop sessions for your next conference? 1. Studio Lighting. Free daily devotions and articles on teen life topics for teens, youth, youth groups, and youth ministry. Churches try to provide relevant activities and programs for members of all ages, including youth and teens. No one ever just learns to chill once and then is done. B&W Darkroom Crash Course. Landscape & Outdoor. Employment Skills Assessment 2. Our individual workshops last 50 to 90 minutes and each presentation is tailored to fit the knowledge level, age and needs of your audiences and organization. Weekend and evening workshops can be arranged as well. Well, we should be honest with you: Youth Change’s workshops have a bad reputation. Understanding Child Development. Changing to Chill is what’s known as a practice. Book a conference breakout, seminar or webinar workshop that will be so in demand that it may just end up being standing-room-only. directly amidst the needs of their co-laborers. Partners for Youth Empowerment shares the engaging, and often centuries old, arts based activities they like to use in their internationally renowned workshops and facilitation trainings. Belonging (Social, Engagement) program topics: Healthy relationships; Developing your identity; Effective communication; Team building and cohesion; Conflict resolution; Assertiveness; Social Skills training; Diversity, Culture, and Inclusion program topics: Impact of Racial Trauma; Ally/Accomplice development; Introduction to prejudice, stereotyping, microaggressions Sharing the Vision Training Topics A Brief Overview of the Training Designs 1 - Overview of Youth Ministry Purpose. Trainings for Youth The following trainings are stand-alone sessions for youth in any school, community, or after school program. A Teacher’s Guide to Understanding Mental Health Terms and S.E.D. Now, we also provide state-of-the-art webinars and online courses too. We provide top-quality, customized, professional development training on almost any topic relating to troubled and problem children and youth, including these areas: Keynote addresses and keynote workshops can be included with any training selection, often, without additional charge. Positive Body Image 2. We combine our more than 35 years of expertise in special education and our passion for inclusion to help persons of all abilities worship God together. The workshop will bring together a second cohort of up to 20 early career and talented scientists from diverse countries in the Global South engaged on topics related to the BWC. Online Workshops and Information Sessions – We run a variety of online workshops on different topics related to the needs of newcomers. topic can be adapted to a workshop format. Some of our most requested training topics are: Youth Development - Training on the youth development approach focuses on: 1) The critical experiences all youth in your program need for their successful, healthy development. These workshops are active, hands-on, and will have students energized and excited, encouraging each other creatively. Financial Education Workshop Topics. Your staff want ready-to-use, more effective answers that can turnaround the problems right now. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among adolescents. We have a wide variety of age-appropriate workshops for youth, ages 8-18. KATHRYN RATELIFF BARR 29 SEP 2017 CLASS . Change to Chill is a trademark of Allina Health System. How to Work with Difficult Students and Families, Learning to Like the Kid in the Mirror: Build Students’ Self-Esteem and Confidence, Peer Skill Repair: Teaching Warring Students to Get Along, Ask an Expert: A Veteran Mental Health Professional Answers Your Questions About Problem and Troubled Students, Build On-the-Job Success Skills for Adolescents, Ready, Set, Go! These workshops are recommended for youth ministers and student ministry volunteers. 4. Commonly requested/conducted prevention topics are included below: Academic/Performance Success program topics: Reducing test anxiety; Career related programs: Career/major decision making, understanding how personality as it relates to work environments, interpretation of Holland Code or Myers-Briggs, Values sort ; Effective academic strategies: Time … Schedule a Workshop. • Features particularly key to success: • Presenters are passionate about topic (but not necessarily expert in). … These different types of skills reinforce each other. is the U.S. government website that helps you create, maintain, and strengthen effective youth programs. Experience how Change to Chill activities can help teens stress less. Are you a musical athlete or dancing doctor? Change to Chill works in your community – see how. 2) How to make these experiences … This library from Partners for Youth Empowerment workshop activities has been created with generous help from Nadia Chaney, Aparna Rae, Eli Steffen and Rebecca White. Workshops and Training Topics. • Workshop provides opportunity for “hands-on” or At-Risk Conf. Contact us now to set up your workshop crafted to effectively address you specific topic. A workshop specially designed for Youth Theatre Ireland on A Midsummer Night’s Dream, our chosen play for the National Youth Theatre in 2008. Employment Card Game Sheets 3. Find teachable content here.