Looking for a flexible role? Breach of personal data protection, publication of untrustworthy medical documents and faulty consultation due to lack of evidence can be some of the pitfalls that users may face. Social media, websites where users from around the world can share everything from their political views to what they ate for dinner, infiltrates every corner of our world today. 11. But with the growth of these tools come other issues to consider -- such as the legal ramifications of using outlets like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn within a healthcare setting. Creating bounds between personal and professional use of social media is essential. Likewise social media used from healthcare professionals to connect with individuals from different geographical areas in order to contribute on their health improvement by providing them with medical documents and by creating discussion forums on health related topics. Patients have the ability to share their concerns and discuss about common diseases or possible medical treatments and on the other hand Healthcare Professionals are enabled to share information, experiences and ideas supporting their lifelong learning (KPMG, 2011). Additionally in order to ensure that high quality information is provided and that a conversation between a patient and a healthcare professional will have a positive outcome, both of them must build a relationship of trust by being precise and honest to each other regarding the information they share. It directly reflects on the entire nursing profession, long regarded as one of the most trusted and ethical professions, negatively affecting the nurse-patient relationship. These services and applications enable patients to decide whether or not they require visiting a doctor for further advice retaining their privacy. Published: 19th Dec 2017 in Social media is being used by people across the healthcare system, so it is prudent to discuss the benefits, risks, and best practices for social media amongst nurses. The use of social media in healthcare is undoubtedly increasing, considering the amount of social networking applications that are being developed specifically for the healthcare community. Registered Data Controller No: Z1821391. Registered office: Venture House, Cross Street, Arnold, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG5 7PJ. 12. This essay should not be treated as an authoritative source of information when forming medical opinions as information may be inaccurate or out-of-date. For instance online healthy life style advisor, smoking secession programmes and body mass index (BMI) health weight calculator. If you need assistance with writing your essay, our professional essay writing service is here to help! The best way to ensure children understand the rights and wrongs of social media use is to create a family social media plan. With the use of social media, the users can reach a large audience in a matter of seconds, with this ease; users can transmit information and has presented challenges in the form of unauthorized disclosure of patient’s health information on social media sites. Many of them choose to disclose patient’s personal data for maintaining an easily accessible online medical record for personal use but they are unaware that many of that information (including videos or pictures) they upload on the internet in some cases can be accessed, used and spread from the general public without control (Thompson LA, 2008). A dramatic reminder has come with the news that a North Carolina medical technician, Olivia O’Leary, 24, has lost her job after contravening the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) by posting about the cause of death of an accident victim on Facebook. 13. Social media conduct is a thorny issue in the healthcare sector, where HIPAA rules and patient confidentiality are extremely important but also all too easy to break. The plan will match the unique characteristics of the family, and it will state clearly what is appropriate use of social media and what is inappropriate use. Inappropriate use of social media can have long lasting implications. Nursing Essay Maintaining the traditional view of a nurse as professional and trustworthy requires that nursing students receive detailed guidance on t… To alleviate the shortage of nurses, the healthcare system needs newly graduated nurses to be employable in a variety of settings. Some of these cases were related to the breach of personal data and some other were associated either with posting of racists or sex comments or with sharing of inappropriate pictures and videos through public internet forums. Many social networks upload and share data without considering any legal or ethical considerations. For instance, they should not discuss about health related matters on a friendly but only on a professional level. This is particularly important for healthcare organizations, because it may not be obvious what constitutes protected healthcare information (PHI). With that in mind, professionals should tread lightly, understanding that patient privacy and HIPPA requirements are serious concerns.. For instance, they should not discuss about health related matters on a friendly but only on a professional level. Background. Any healthcare professional who’s been active on social media has doubtless seen some of the totally unfounded medical claims that circulate online. Inappropriate uses of social media on an organization's network and personal social media sites. It recognises that social networking is a valuable way to communicate and share information but also points out that the healthcare professionals who will decide to use it as part of their work must make sure that will behave with honesty and integrity for the best interest of the public protecting patient confidentiality and exhibiting their professionalism at all times (Health Professions Council Newsletter: Issue 34 – April 2011). Below are details of 65 incidents since 2012 in which workers at nursing … Inappropriate use of these technologies can have far-reaching ramifications for professionally licensed providers. Some social networking platforms are free to the public but to some other the patients will have to pay if they need an online consultation by a healthcare professional or if they wish to discuss and share their concerns with other healthcare providers or other patients that suffering from the same condition. The intersection of social media and health informatics is a brave new world that largely involves uncharted waters. Two high-risk areas include: Violations of patient privacy and/or confidentiality. View professional sample essays here. However concerns have been raised in the past related to protection of personal data. Info: 1966 words (8 pages) Essay Also in my opinion healthcare professionals should only share medical documents that based on scientific studies while patients should consult their health provider before taking any action based on information obtained using social media. To export a reference to this article please select a referencing stye below: If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have your work published on the UKDiss.com website then please: Our academic writing and marking services can help you! Many of these users explore internet in order to access medical information and other to share their concerns about health related issues or to seek out medical treatment. Laws outlining the basis for disciplinary action by a BON vary between jurisdictions. All work is written to order. The rapid growth and widespread use of social media has changed the way many people communicate and share information. Here are some ideas of posts that could cause problems for employees: 1. For healthcare professionals, social media can create a potential minefield with regard to regulations regarding patient privacy. Social media enables cheating on school assignments and exams. NHS in UK uses social media in order to improve public health by providing health related information through NHS choices. Considering this amount of people it is easy to understand how important is for Healthcare Professionals to use social media wisely and with professionalism. Inappropriate use of social media can affect healthcare’s personal and professional life.
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