Term: 5 years Signed: March 5, 2014 Signed: November 13, 2017 Term: No Expiration Term: No Expiration Implementing controls on carbon, methane, and other gases with high global warming potential, Activities to implement carbon emissions trading systems and other market-based instruments, Activities that reduce energy consumption, Supporting new and expanded markets for clean and efficient energy technologies, Activities that support subnational climate change leadership on low-carbon development, Environmental Protection and other Related Clean Technologies, Agriculture and Agricultural Technologies, Infrastructure for cross-border goods movement and trade facilitation. Term: 4 years California Environmental Protection Agency You could hold an action and register it on the map, help promote the day of action or join as a partner. It states the intent of the Parties to facilitate cooperation on research, innovation, and investment in low-carbon development and clean energy resources. The MOU will go a long way toward slashing harmful diesel emissions and cutting carbon pollution from the transportation sector. A number of state agencies engage in intergovernmental climate cooperation coordinating activities through the Intergovernmental Climate Action Team (ICAT). $1+ Billion. Official list of local Climate Action Plans in California for 2016 Kirsten Engel and Barak Orbach, Micro-Motives for State and Local Climate Change Initiatives Harvard Law & … This MOU states the intent of the State of California and the Province of Guangdong to engage in friendly exchange and cooperation in an effort to strengthen cooperation in multiple areas, including, but not limited to, science and technological innovation, environmental conservation, and renewable and sustainable energy. This new letter states the intent to continue support for these actions as well as to increase efforts to reduce greenhouse gases, expand renewable energy development, and advance decarbonization efforts. Energy, environmental protection, infrastructure, information technology, agriculture, and manufacturing are included amongst the various sectors of cooperation. An overview from the Union of Concerned Scientists China Huadian Green Energy Corporation - PDF. 2019 outcomes, $20.7 million implemented. How will climate change affect your French fries? Using our collective power to tackle climate change, we are creating a thriving California and inspiring others to act. This list may not reflect recent changes . The organizations will measure their greenhouse gas emissions, reduce them as much as possible and compensate the currently unavoidable ones with credible carbon credits. MJiangsu Province, People’s Republic of China - PDF. Term: No Expiration. RE100 The world’s most influential companies, committed to 100% renewable power. Term: No Expiration For Californians who suffered through wildfires, rolling blackouts and record-high temperatures, one thing is clear: The climate crisis is already here. Targeting upper-elementary-aged children, the site includes interactive games, hands-on activities, and engaging articles that make climate science accessible and fun. It renews and strengthens the cooperative relationship established through previous MOUs in 2005 and 2013. When people have affordable options for housing close to where they work, they can spend less time commuting and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Term: June 30, 2020. Scalable solutions to climate and conservation challenges fit into our mission. This is a joint memorandum of understanding (MOU) by fifteen states and the District of Columbia, all of which commit to work collaboratively to advance and accelerate the market for electric medium and heavy-duty vehicles, including large pickup trucks and vans, delivery trucks, box trucks, school and transit buses, and long-haul delivery trucks (big-rigs). Signed: September 15, 2015 Areas of focus include: the commercialization and deployment of clean and renewable energy technologies; the promotion of energy efficiency in buildings and industries; advancing smart grids and other programs to modernize the electrical grid infrastructure; and the reduction of transportation emissions. Term: No Expiration. California shares and leverages its experiences and policies on climate change, clean energy, and alternative transportation to maximize the benefits of climate action around the globe. We are a grassroots activist network striving to address the threat of global climate change and mitigate its harmful effects through local action in Orange County. This MOU was signed at the China Pavilion, during the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco. Who can access funds? Both sides pledge to share best practices, communication strategies, research and technologies, and training opportunities to enhance and promote wildfire prevention and wildland-urban interface awareness to at-risk populations. We recognize that California has been shaped by a history of inequity, racism, oppression, and disinvestment. The area of. In the Statement, the signatories agreed to strengthen climate initiatives through the North American Climate Leadership Dialogue and share their goals at the 2018 Global Climate Action Summit (which took place in San Francisco in September 2018).

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