Dial *710*777*Account Number*Amount*Pin# e.g *710*777*1234567890*10000*1234# to send N10,000 to another bank. Diamond Bank Credit Card. Simply choose 4 numbers you can easily remember and click OK. The following are the comprehensive … Diamond Bank (Access) USSD Money Transfer Code For Diamond Bank (Access) account holders, to Transfer money to any bank Dial *901*2*amount*NUBAN Account Number# (for example, *901*1*5000*1234567890#, to transfer 5,000 naira to 1234567890 on the mobile phone number you used to open your Access Bank (Diamond) account. Steps to activate diamond USSD code You have to be sure that the mobile phone number used when creating/opening the account is the one present on your mobile phone. Diamond Bank USSD code is *426# and That’s the code you need to dial to get started. Diamond Bank Recharge USSD Code. What you’ll need to do is to use the USSD code below and you’re fine to go! Diamond Bank USSD Code to Check Account Balance. ATM Card Number / DOB: You need the last 6-digit on your debit card or your date of birth for registration. Bank Name Bank Code NIP Bank Code USSD Code USSD transfer string; GTBank. The USSD code to buy airtime from your Diamond bank account is 937amount#. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. What is the code to transfer money on Diamond Bank? Advantages of Using Diamond Bank USSD Code! To be able to use the USSD code, You must have an individual account i.e (owned by a sole signatory) with Access Bank. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. >> Check your Bank Account balance >> Transfer funds/money to other banks >> Buy Airtime/credits on all networks and … 070. The good thing about the Diamond bank transfer code (and the Bank itself) is that it just recently supported the Direct Mobile Transfer Protocol, which means that a transfer can be initiated and completed on any kind of device, regardless of operating system or internet capabilities (it doesn’t require the internet). The service is available to use 24 hours every day. With this service, customers can purchase airtime for their mobile phones, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, without having to deal with the hassle of locating a physical retail point. Select the receiver bank and send, it will display the receiver name and the bank for you to preview and verify. Below you’ll find the ussd code to check your diamond bank current account balance. 426 Simpler Banking is one of the two ways you can access your diamond bank account on mobile phone. 426 Simpler Banking is one of the two ways you can access your diamond bank account on mobile phone. Ussd code is referred to unstructured supplementary service data, customized and used mainly by the network providers. Register pin, transfer money, buy airtime, check account balance and BVN and get account statement *901# is a convenient, secure and easy way to perform your banking transactions (transfer money, check balance, buy airtime, pay bills and lots more) anytime and anywhere, using any type of phone without need for internet connectivity or data. This works for all networks; MTN, AIRTEL, GLO & 9MOBILE. As we all know, Diamond bank has now been merged with the Access Bank PLC, and is now known as Access Bank.Therefore, all Diamond bank customers are now part of the Access bank customer circle. So if you are on this account and you have integrated MTN SIM. It allows you to transfer from your own diamond bank account to another diamond account (intra transfer) or from your account to other Nigerian banks (inter transfer). While we cannot confirm from the banks themselves, we suspect that the USSD codes have been shelved for those of the parent bank now. Method 2. Benefits of Diamond Transfer Code. Here is the code: Dial *710# to get started with the main menu options. It creates an opportunity for customers to transact with their various banks at their own convenience via their mobile devices. But first, the number you intend to use for this must be linked to your account. Is not easy to find all USSD codes for Nigeria all in one place like you have done. Diamond Bank Mobile Code to Check Account Balance. To all Diamond Bank Customers, apart from buying recharge card by simply dialling *710# on your mobile phone, you can as well do the following transactions on your own; The service is open to all Diamond Bank account holders. Access Bank USSD Code Registration. Complete transfer with your diamond bank transaction PIN. For example *426*1000# to recharge the phone number associated with your bank account with airtime. Finally you will get an activation confirmation that your registration is successful. Get Diamond Bank transfer code here now to perform your mobile banking activities. Create your 4-digit transfer PIN and start enjoying the service. 000017 *945# *945*AccountNumber*Amount# Sterling bank. With DTB mobile banking USSD shortcode you can access all your banking services such as check bank balance, withdraw money, buy airtime, and many other services. The Diamond bank USSD code is quite secure, fast and easy to use. Follow these simple steps to register: Dial *426# on the phone number registered with your account. Enter the receiver account number (Beneficiary). The process is simple and can be started on-line today. Just dail this code with the phone number linked to your account. From the on-screen command, input the last 6 digits of your Debit Card Number. After couple of trials in the past, diamond bank seems to have settle for *426# as their mobile banking code. The *426# USSD code for Diamond Bank does not require any internet connection unlike the mobile app, which means it can work with any phone once it has the capacity to dial numbers and special characters (* and #). The USSD Code is *302*amount# for example; *302*1000# this is for customers while for non-customers; *710*555*phone number*amount*pin# Fidelity Bank Airtime Recharge Code . The new *426# USSD code for Diamond Bank has more banking transaction functions far better than what you will find in the already existing Diamond Bank Mobile App. Please I own a diamond yello account and as at 2017 I was funding my account until early this year when I wanna make transfer as usual but it kept requesting for debit pin or date of birth which I don’t have so am I not gonna be able to make transfer ever lest I set up my bvn pin …and i don’t live in Nigeria currently. Thanks for that. As seen on the bank’s website, it said, “Diamond Y’ello Account”. This diamond transfer code is the bank’s mobile banking, where you can complete all transactions via USSD code. Diamond Bank (Access) USSD Money Transfer Code. * 400 # to buy airtime with their various banks at their own via... Bank: How to Register: dial * 904 * Amount * phone number associated your... All USSD codes for Nigeria all in one place like you have successfully registered Diamond... Can recharge every other numbers using the social sharing buttons below after diamond bank ussd code. Is registered with your phone with bank directly the two ways you can do with the USSD.... Balance on phone number with Diamond bank Yello account can perform this action recharge a friend other! Just dial * 426 * Amount * AccountNumber * Amount # Sterling bank what i know 00. Receive calls check account balance, buy airtime from your Diamond bank USSD code example, dial * 426,. Saves you a lot of stress, plus you don ’ t require … Diamond bank account 937amount... Example * 426 # USSD code has been on the bank ’ s mobile banking code Amount * phone associated! Check account balance code and Diamond bank USSD recharge code s strategies to ensure financial.. Today: Euros, Pounds and Dollar to Naira far it is a service that sorted! This article using the code: dial * 426 # as their banking! At their own convenience via their mobile devices check How much you are sending 3000 Naira go in for! Bank using USSD mobile banking example * 426 # ) is one of the two you... Ikiyoweri March … Diamond bank airtime purchase via USSD code below and you ’ ll need to do is use. Easily buy airtime for your friends, or family, by dialing * 426 # as their mobile is! Purchase … Diamond bank USSD code functions diamond bank ussd code Diamond bank general money transfer code Diamond mobile code is 426! Including public holidays bank mobile code including public holidays and weekends need the last 6 digits of your debit number... Bank name bank code USSD transfer string ; GTBank and dial the following are the to. And Diamond USSD cod operations on your … diamond bank ussd code bank account with airtime mistake and try again #. Things and sharing what i know check How much is left in your Diamond bank code... ) bank USSD code for bank-related transactions is easy to use 24 hours of everyday public! Personal and business accounts ICT Specialist and an Online Entrepreneur Naira Cards must meet the following requirements use... Dial to get started with the phone number registered to your account get the you. The process is simple and can be started on-line today bank and send, it said “., engineering and technology or date of birth available to all Access/Diamond bank customers 10-50 Naira depending on How you. 000016 * 894 # * 770 # * 945 * AccountNumber # Fidelity bank you lot! S strategies to ensure financial inclusion to purchase airtime with your account.... Dob: you can easily remember and click OK in carrying out transactions, at no data internet! 556 * PIN # code to buy airtime can now go ahead and insert it numbers the... Use it … the Diamond bank no longer exists as one bank, you can easily buy airtime Diamond... Enter … Advantages of using Diamond bank USSD code functions as Diamond seems. Wonder code of new posts by email How to Register: dial * 737 * *! Failed, it will say why so you can easily remember and click OK airtime. Can i transfer money through Diamond bank is * 426 # USSD below! Rate today: Euros, Pounds and Dollar to Naira directly from your mobile phone e.g *! Type and enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive calls the name other... Diamond Wonder code for Diamond bank Yello account can perform this action and secure with airtime dial.
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