Outdoor Recreation (ODR) offers a variety of services for our Fort Irwin Soldiers and Families, including: Equipment Rentals; Fully-equipped Bicycle Repair Shop; Delivery and Pickup Services Morale, Welfare and Recreation. o Collection of invertebrates addressed (ie: Honey bee swarm traps cannot be placed on the installation … 5202 Normandy Drive Fort Riley, KS 66442 1 (785) 239-5412. Jan 17, 2017 – MyBaseGuide. Fort Riley Regulation 190-1 . Parks & Picnic Areas -Community Lodge (social hall)-Dog Parks 7264 Normandy Drive, Custer Hill. Pitch a tent or pull up your camper at U.S. Army MWR campsites and RV Parks made just for you. (d[m]("DOMContentLoaded",o,!1),l[m]("load",r,!1)):(d[v]("onreadystatechange",i),l[v]("onload",r)),c("mark",["firstbyte",f],null,"api");var x=0,O=e(6)},{}],"wrap-function":[function(e,n,t){function r(e){return! Skip to Header; Skip to Sidebar Controller; Skip to Footer 562 oli täällä. The fort has outdoor recreation leagues, fitness, arts and crafts, CYS services, social dining, and catering. Yell FORE for a great event and lots of camaraderie and fun. Jan 19. Skip to Header; Skip to Sidebar Controller; Skip to Footer This major revision, dated 8 March 2018 . Fitness equipment, wave runners, vehicles ... and more! FORT RILEY, Kan. -- The speedball paintball course at Outdoor Recreation is constantly evolving. Watch Queue Queue Hunting and trapping are permitted on post at Fort Riley. Summary of Change . Learn new skills, enjoy guided tours, or get the gear you need to explore the great outdoors on your own. COVID-19 ReOpening. 2,417 were here. Fort Hood, Texas 76544 United States +1 (254)287-4126 +1(254)287-1853. Wellness events will be scheduled throughout each month and provided the same resources as other military operations. Discussion topics focus on the five dimensions of strength: physical, spiritual, emotional, family, and social. For more information about protecting your privacy and personal information, click here. Contact Us Headquarters 1. st. Infantry Division and Fort Riley Fort Riley, Kansas 66442 August 15, 2018. Victory Foundational Days will occur monthly and are reserved entirely for resilience-related training and activities. Hours Not Provided . use these resources to help. 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Tuesday ... More Outdoor Recreation. Hunting. The mission of the 1st Infantry Division is to conduct a full spectrum of operations as part of a Combined Joint Task Force and transition to follow-on operations. FOIA. Installation Hunting, Fishing, Trapping and Outdoor Recreation . 5202 Normandy Drive Fort Riley, KS, United States 66442-0000. Hood Howdy. Outdoor Recreation Programs Paintball Parks Skeet and Trap Range Fort Riley Marina Outdoor Adventure RV Storage Lot Outdoor Recreation Equipment Checkout Privately Owned Firearms Range 4 Event Ticket Sales Warrior Adventure Quest Fort Riley Bow Slinger 3-D Archery Tournament Fort Riley Trail Collection 785-239-9435. Phone: 785-238-3103. Address. *Pricing subject to change without notice. Topics. NAF Auction Batch 4. The 1st Infantry Division and Fort Riley has kicked-off "Operation Victory Wellness." Exchange, Privacy Policy  Welcome to the official Fort Riley MWR page on Facebook. You are now exiting an Army MWR NAF-funded website and linking to a commercial advertiser's website. We currently serve Junction City, Milford, Chapman and Wakefield. 1806 Buffalo Soldier Drive 785-239-2363. 5202 Normandy Drive Fort Riley, KS, United States 66442-0000. For your health and safety: Hands must be sanitized before entering our facility, and a mask must be worn at all times. The infection rate in Ottawa has risen dramatically since around Christmas, prompting the city to issue new rules and recommendations restricting outdoor recreation. Installation Hunting, Fishing, Trapping and Outdoor Recreation . 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