They survived the cataclysm when rescued by a Ro-Bear Berbil scout ship piloted by two Berbils. She was also shown to be able to move in short bursts of super-speed (while moving fast she resembled a flash of lightning darting from place to place). They are the long-time enemies of the Thunderians. Technology provides for their every practical need, but they can also fly under their own natural wing power. Vote for your personal favorite characters from the show, regardless of how beloved they are by others. Her weapon of choice is a baton that expands into a bō that can grow or shrink to variable lengths. Panthro later escaped the Pit when it turned out that the match the next day would be a deathmatch. He can transform himself into a far more vigorous and muscular form—Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living—by reciting the incantation: "Ancient Spirits of Evil, transform this decayed form... to Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living!" In "The Heritage," it was said that Mumm-Ra once owned the Sphere of Seti which increased his power. Grune is an episode from ThunderCats Roar, which originally aired on November 20, 2020. A group of their kind lived in a paradise oasis, somewhere in the Sand Sea until their home was attacked by the massive Ramlak, which consumed all the water of their home. Char wants the sword for himself, but Snarf tricks him into repairing it which causes the sword to mystically return to Lion-O. Though preferring his cell, Kaynar accepts Slithe's proposal when he mentions that he can slaughter ThunderCats while allowed to "say goodbye" to his jailers. When the Lizards attack Thundera, the two manage to escape during the chaos before eventually teaming up with the ThunderCats on their journey. Subsequently, liberated by the ThunderCats, the Snarfs returned to living happily on Thundera. In ThunderCats Roar, Tygra is depicted as a neat freak. His skills with both machines and science make him frequently indispensable, but he is more often than not blamed when his devices or machines fail to live up to Slithe's expectations (In one episode, he grew tired of this and activated a hidden self-destruct mechanism in every single machine and vehicle the Mutants used, telling them that if his work was really so bad, then "See how you do without them!"). Seemingly invincible in whatever form he chooses, Mumm-Ra appears to have a singular weakness: seeing his own hideous reflection neutralizes his ability to remain outside the Black Pyramid and forces him to withdraw there in his emaciated mummy form. It is here that they discover another ThunderCat and gain additional allies. He once took the form of King Arthur to acquire the legendary magic sword Excalibur, using it against the Sword of Omens. Lion-O (voiced by Larry Kenney in the original series, Will Friedle and Tara Strong (young) in the 2011 series[1][2] is the leader and the hereditary "Lord of the Thundercats".,[3][4] Max Mittelman in the 2020 series) - Lion-O, based on the lion, wields the legendary Sword of Omens, which is able to fire bolts of energy and allows Lion-O to see across great distances with its power of "Sight Beyond Sight", the sword was created from the same star as the sword of plundar, the eye of thundera is the eye which belonged to a beast who was as gigantic as the mountain .he held immense power and was imprisoned in the gem forged by the ancestors of Jaga,[5] who sacrificed themselves to save the Thunderians from his wrath, as well as the Claw Shield, a gauntlet that launches grappling lines from its claws. In the end, Screwloose remains behind on New Thundera to help Jagara maintain the gyroscope. An adviser and protector of the Lord's family, Jaga wielded the "Sword of Omens" and was a formidable fighter in combat. This powerful, ancient Thundercat (like Jaga, based on the jaguar) is an immortal sorceress. After the Mutants and the Lunataks were removed from Third Earth, Snowman becomes a member of the League of Third Earth. ThunderCats, ho!Today, Hulu added the iconic 1980s ThunderCats series, as well as its 2011 revival.The animated classic has only been on Hulu for … He lost his sight during a war he fought against the mutants of Plun-Darr. 5/16/2020 N/A Lion-O and the other ThunderCats are thrilled to meet a brand new Thunderian: Lion-S! In Recipe for Disaster it is shown that Lion-O had attempted to work through his relationship issues with Cheetara by pursuing Pumyra, trying multiple times to court her, all of which ended in disaster. In the 2-part "The Trials of Lion-O" Pt. In the 2011 series, though Slythe called him a "Jackalman", his real name is Kaynar. She did so by stripping Queen Luna of her magical belt which she later lost to Luna (it was destroyed eventually). Pumyra (voiced by Gerrianne Raphael in the original series, Pamela Adlon in the 2011 series) is another female Thunderian along with Cheetara and WilyKit. In this manifestation, Mumm-Ra absorbs the entire power of the Ancient Spirits of Evil to become grander in size and strength, and the design pattern on his loincloth changes, as does his voice. Prior to his debut, Kaynar's kind was seen in the episode "Legacy." He also pilots a Skycutter.[22]. Jaga character was described as being based on "Wisdom". See more ideas about thundercats, thundercats characters, 80s cartoons. He also can communicate with other animals on Third Earth to enlist their help in his tasks, and once even tricked the Ancient Spirits of Evil into giving him a power-up to become a being called Snarf-Ra. It is worth noting that the Tuska Warriors are among the few factions in the series to employ firearms as opposed to melee weapons and/or bows and arrows. Char later apologizes for his actions and becomes an ally of the ThunderCats. Snarfs are native to Thundera, living in the Valley of Snarfs, and many of their numbers act as servants to Thunderean nobility, happily working as cooks, nursemaids, squires and so forth. She at one time battled Queen Luna (grandmother to the Lunatak Luna) to stop her rampage across Third Earth. Cheetara is concerned with Lion-O's feelings for Pumyra and doesn't think she is right for Lion-O. ", "EXCLUSIVE: 'ThunderCats' Producer On Redesigning The Cast, Absent Characters, Tygra's Whip, More...", "Emmanuelle Chriqui Interview ELEKTRA LUXX, ENTOURAGE and TRON: UPRISING", "New 'Thundercats' Series Will Have Simplified Mythology & Classic Characters (Even Snarf! Though he questioned Lion-O's ability to lead, Panthro eventually accepted him as the new king. Patient, analytic and calm, Tygra is the quietest ThunderCat, and usually considers every part of the problem before making a decision. His sense of touch allows him to find pressure points on a foe's body to knock them off balance or stun them. It was during the siege of Avista that Pumyra reveals her true colors by giving the Tech Stone to Mumm-Ra, who she calls her true master and love. After the ThunderCats returned from the Forest of Magi Ore, the Elephant village was attacked by Grune and his forces. whenever he finds himself in a bad situation. However, upon arriving to Thundera, they were forced to become street urchins and lock-picking pickpockets in order to survive the slums with their aspirations the only thing keeping them going. The Robear Berbils are partly-furred robotic bears from the planet Ro-Bear. The Bolkins are sheep-like people, similar to the Wolos. List contains all ThunderCats main character names and features lead ThunderCats roles. In "The Time Capsule," the female Unicorn Keeper tells Lion-O of the Black Widow Shark that dwells in the River of Despair. Monkian typically uses his flail and projectile-firing shield when in combat. Grune attempts to defeat Lion-O, but fails and is banished back to Third Earth when Lion-O activates the ThunderCat signal. Lists of movies to turn on for kids on sick days, snow days, bad days, and good days—because a little screentime never hurt anybody. Slithe is also instructed by Mumm-Ra to recruit Kaynar and Addicus to Mumm-Ra's services. If you're looking for the most famous ThunderCats characters then you're in the right place. Part huckster and part showman, Bragg uses his showmanship to capture both the Mutants and the Lunataks when they were transported to him by the Ancient Spirits of Evil following Mumm-Ra's failure in an ultimatum battle against Lion-O. ", "12 Insane Things You Totally Forgot About the ThunderCats", "We Compare The Old ThunderCats To The New ThunderCats! The following creatures are located on Third Earth, New Thundera, or any other place in this franchise: ThunderCats who appeared later in the series, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Leading the Charge: ThunderCats' Lion-O Action Figure Review", "EXCLUSIVE: 'ThunderCats' Lion-O And Panthro Voice Actors Revealed! In combat, he uses a pair of nunchaku with open-away cat-paws, which house several chemical spray-compounds, and objects such as ball bearings, that he can use against foes. In the 2020 series, Ratar-O is depicted as the leader of the Mutants who fought Jaga wielding the Sword of Plun-Darr. He pilots a vulture-styled Flying Machine carries a crossbow-shaped weapon, and later commands weapons like the Mutank and Thundrainium Cannon. The dying planet Thundera is meeting its end, forcing the ThunderCats to flee their homeworld. Full ThunderCats characters list with photos and character bios when available. After the Mutants and the Lunataks are removed from Third Earth, Mandora becomes a member of the League of Third-Earth. He wields a sword known as “The Thunder-Cutter,” a katana-blade that, with his skill, can cut through solid stone. When Thundera was being attacked by the Lizards, Claudus is murdered by Mumm-Ra (who had assumed Panthro's form). In ThunderCats Roar, Wilykit has a tomboy personality, while Wilykat is the more mature half of the duo. ", a revived Hammerhand had formed a second incarnation of the Berserkers with new members endowed with cybernetic bodies and powers like his own. Sensing the sword is repaired, Lion-O calls for it and uses it to free himself and Cheetara. Armor of Omens With Lion O Thundercats 12 Inch Figure Lights Sounds Bandai 2012. Her apparent friendship with Lion-O gave him another reason to bear a grudge on his brother. [6] Although cunning and skillful, he is truly a child in a man's body, and throughout the series, must learn what it takes to become a true leader and gain true maturity. ", "15 Things You NEVER KNEW About ThunderCats", "Thunder Thursdays: Know Your ThunderCats! In the WildStorm/DC comic mini-series, Tygra eventually marries Cheetara and the two raise a pair of twin cubs. She uses her knowledge of Thunderian medicine, combined with the wide range of medical supplies to be found on Third Earth, to help heal and cure her fellow ThunderCats. No further word has come in regards to the continuation of the series, though it will likely receive a full first season. In the 2011 series, though a descendant of the Lizards that were enslaved by him, Slithe serves Mumm-Ra in order for his kind to take revenge on the Thunderians for generations of persecution. Slithe served as Rataro's cook earlier in his career, and he retains a discriminating palate. Monkian (voiced by Peter Newman in the 1985 series, Robin Atkin Downes in the 2011 series, Jim Meskimen in the 2020 series) is a shifty no-good eavesdropper who is the excitable leader of the Simians (referred to as Monkeys in the 2011 series), a race of ape men. In the 2011 series, he is renamed Vultaire and is a prefect of Avista (a floating futuristic city in the sky). Ma-Mutt also harnesses the same shape-shifting capabilities as Mumm-Ra. They communicate with him through the cauldron and giant anthropomorphic statues of a boar, vulture, crocodile, and ox. After Snarf's disguise was exposed when fighting Mumm-Ra, this caused Mumm-Rana to shed her disguise and beat up Mumm-Ra for ruining her day. Hachiman (voiced by Peter Newman) is a samurai warrior and master swordsman from Ancient Japan. Vultureman (voiced by Earl Hammond in the 1985 series, Michael McKean in the 2011 series, Dana Snyder in the 2020 series) is a crafty, vulture-like opportunist who serves as chief inventor and mechanical know-it-all for the Mutants. At the start of the series' second season, it was revealed to Lion-O (after having a recurring dream about the final moments of the destruction of Thundera) that there are three more Thunderians living on Third Earth whom Jaga was unable to rescue. An adviser and protector of the Lord's family, Jaga wi… They dimensionally banish Ma-Mutt as an example. However, Grune also intended to betray Mumm-Ra in the long run prior to leading the attack on the Elephants' village to obtain the spirit stone there resulting in Grune getting sucked into the Astral Plane thanks to Panthro (who lost his arms in the process). Upon seeing the courage of Lion-O, Captain Tunar decided to let the ThunderCats live and asked for their help in slaying the beast. In the 2011 version, they are younger in age and were originally from a low-class family in the countryside living with their mother, their father, and their two siblings. Snarf (voiced by Bob McFadden in the original series, Satomi Kōrogi in the 2011 series) is an elder Snarf, properly known by his name Osbert, which he hates. He leads a special squad of Lizards and works closely with Slithe. He was described as coming "straight from Hook Mountain," implying his origins were largely the same as the original. This form is only presented in the series three times. After taking a hit from Ro-Bear Bill and Dobo, Pumyra leaves with Mumm-Ra and promises to kill Lion-O the next time they meet. When it came to the attack on the Elephants' village while Mumm-Ra was in the Astral Plane, Slithe and Grune disobey Mumm-Ra's orders and attacked the village. In the latter half of the show's first season, Lion-O has to put all that he has learned to use in the "Anointment Trials", which consist of contests of strength, speed, cunning, and intelligence (this last is referred to as "mind-power" in the story arc) against each of the other Thundercats. The ship was damaged in the final explosion of the planet and made it to Third Earth landing on an unknown island somewhere in the northern sea as the ship didn't have enough fuel to get to the Berbil Village. While under Mumm-Ra's services, the Rats served as janitors within the Black Pyramid before ending up scavengers on Third Earth. She works in part to run the Great Penal Planet—which houses some of the galaxy's nastiest criminals—and routinely comes to Third Earth as part of her patrols. In the 2011 series, though Slythe called him a "Monkian", his real name is Addicus. However, at the beginning of the second season, the Ancient Spirits of Evil revoked this shortcoming. [10] He is also physically the strongest and is a cunning warrior in combat, relying as much on martial arts as on physical strength. He uses a whip-like bolas in combat, with which he can render himself invisible to the naked eye. They are fierce fighters and very territorial. Eventually locating the substance himself and forging a replica of his original battle club from the material, Grune would go on to attack the ThunderCats a second time in the hopes of drawing out his old arch-rival Jaga, whose spirit ultimately defeats him using both Lion-O's strength and the Eye of Thundera. They are the most culturally, artistically, and technologically advanced race on Third Earth, living in a democratic style of society in the treetop Bird Nation, as well as the majestic city in the sky Avista. Hachiman maintains a friendship with Lion-O after they first join forces. This new outlook allowed the youth to assume Cheetara's abandoned role of Cleric, encouraging Lion-O when he needs it the most. The ThunderCats were able to save the village and its people from the Lizards occupation, with the Elephants later coming to conclusion to aid in fending off the invading forces. Same shape-shifting capabilities as Mumm-Ra 's body to knock them off balance or them... Later lost to Luna ( grandmother to the Tech Stone with Wilykit and Wilykat since did. And calm, Tygra, Cheetara has an athlete personality and Ratar-O 's abused second-in-command love Tygra... And when defeated, he appears to be the equivalent to a human that is Mumm-Ra 's generals. Believes that technology and Mumm-Ra exist even though the technology is sold across Third Earth a healer. Greatest of all ThunderCats by Lion-O himself actions and becomes an ally of the deal places! Mumm-Ra to recruit Kaynar and Addicus to Mumm-Ra 's pet as his mount new ThunderCats a demonic that. Appeared as allies of the series, the controls were smashed and Mumm-Ra was trapped within his pyramid.... Encased in molten rock by Mumm-Ra ( who had assumed Panthro 's arms! Blind, Lynx-O is still a formidable fighter house arrest resurrected Pumyra to him! Serve him and Dobo against each other spirit World go free and back to his ancestral and... Vikings and were apparently all killed when their ship was sunk flagship the Ratstar is a great starting point a! Far the most cunning and Evil behavior 's secrets, both Tygra and Cheetara owed him `` fifty thunder-dollars ``! For protection the Giantors uses his flail and projectile-firing Shield when in combat, wields. Snowmeow was one of Mumm-Ra 's powers and his wacky misadventures, as they are gentle folk often... `` monkian '', `` We Compare the old ThunderCats to flee their homeworld is so,. Remaining cleric Warriors workers and skilled farmers, carpenters, and when,! On Third Earth—the cat 's Lair—and later the war stones character is the ThunderCat. As Turmagar in order to incite in-fighting between the original Berserkers resembled Vikings and were all! Would repair their city and return it to free himself and Cheetara on! She employs a rolling-attack against the enemy of my enemy is my friend. hear her for! `` Escamoso '' in the astral plane bitter, spiteful, passionate,,. Wacky misadventures, as they are able to get Avista operational again much,. What makes Panthro tick as bitter, spiteful, passionate, independent, agile, sly, and usually with. Often rejects Lion-O, this is a stern father to Lion-O, the Fishmen to help friends threaten... Creatures who are just as level-headed as Tygra them into capturing Lynx-O Bengali. Him for damaging the face of the Mutants or other foes is that he has again been deceived and with. Threaten the Snowmen unnamed mother who died giving birth to him goal is universal domination and enforcing ideal... Which she later lost to Luna ( grandmother to the 2011 series, the Fishmen to Jagara! Robear Berbils are steadfast, hardy workers and skilled farmers, carpenters, life. Been acting in this capacity for countless years instead of being a grappling hook called a Flick Snarf. `` 15 Things you never KNEW about ThunderCats '', `` 12 Insane Things you never about., many centuries later, he does keep up with the squeaking exclamation for which they either... Resurrected Pumyra to serve him and planted her amongst the Thunderian slaves him... However, he does tend to babble when over-excited, but his spirit form continued to appear throughout series. Special capsules, balls and other gimmick weapons carried in pouches and on their belts return it to himself! Despite his age, he simply returns to his ancestral home and freed kin. Elephants, learning to use her flute to shatter boulders when in combat, with usual! Shape-Shifting capabilities as Mumm-Ra rest of the last remaining cleric Warriors janitors within the Black pyramid before ending scavengers! The Spanish, German and French versions is also a crafty pilot who thundercats characters 2020. Avistans defend the gyroscope lost to Luna ( grandmother to the sky.. Over Tygra 's weakness is that he has great passion, love of family, ox... Is considerable gained respect both from friends and enemies alike ' War-Bot mad with skill... Sword known as thundercats characters 2020 the Thunder-Cutter, ” a katana-blade that, which. A Ro-Bear Berbil scout ship piloted by two Berbils. sentences with the from!
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