Maintained by Growth and Resource Management. This is a collection of zip code boundrary files for each of the 50 states, plus DC. Binary internal representation of geometry, “MULTIPOLYGON” label, followed by coordinate pairs to define polygon(s) (longitude, latitude), The type of ZIP Code, per one of three types: 17. ZIP Codes change for two reasons: population growth requires adding ZIP Codes or ZIP Codes are reorganized to facilitate mail delivery. Export control or regulation. Zip File ZIP 326 views Link is ok Openness score. The additional 4 digits help USPS more precisely group mail for delivery. CA), view a list of ZIP Codes and select the one of interest. Of course, the more accurate the ZIP Code data, the better the marketing and search results. Use our Real Time Quote engine to see exactly what your data will cost and purchase only the areas you need. Use the ZIP Code Maps lookup to search a ZIP Code and see a map with the boundary of the ZIP Code overlaid. b) Any notice alleging a breach of this Agreement must be in writing and be sent by overnight courier or delivered in person to the party's address set forth in this Agreement. In our ZIP Code Boundaries product these ZIP Codes are represented as one polygon and are assigned to the state where the centroid of the ZIP falls. This Agreement also supersedes any pre-printed terms contained on any purchase order or similar document issued by Licensee and any such terms will have no force or effect. Assignment. Any Licensed Products licensed for or on behalf of the United States of America, its agencies and/or instrumentalities ("U.S. Government"), including through contractors or subcontractors, will be deemed “commercial computer software” or “commercial computer software documentation” and the U.S. Government’s rights with respect to such Licensed Products and Documentation are limited by the terms of this Agreement, pursuant to FAR ยง 12.212(a) and/or DFARS ยง 227.7202-1(a), as applicable. Zip Codes Boundaries represent an ongoing effort to approximate the geographic extents of five digit zip codes. 33034 33035 33178 33187 33196 33030 33031 33018 33032 33033 33157 33185 33170 33156 33177 33176 33186 33193 33166 33140 33192 33054 33143 33182 33175 33165 33155 33172 As discussed above, it is If requested, Licensee will certify compliance with the foregoing in writing. Any conflict between the Order and this Agreement will be resolved in favor of the Order. The cartographic boundary files are available in shapefile and KML format. a) Licensee will not: (i) make derivative works of the Licensed Products; (ii) reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the Licensed Products or any portion thereof; (iii) make copies of the Licensed Products or Documentation except as otherwise authorized in Section 4(c) or an Order; (iv) disclose the Licensed Products, Documentation or any other Licensor information marked confidential or proprietary to any third party except as permitted in Section 4(e) or an Order; (v) sublicense, rent, lease, lend, or host the Licensed Products to or for other parties; (vi) attempt to unlock or bypass any initialization system, encryption methods or copy protection devices in the Licensed Products; (vii) modify, alter or change the Licensed Products; (viii) alter, remove or obscure any patent, trademark or copyright notice in the Licensed Products or Documentation; or (ix) use components of a Licensed Product independent of the Licensed Products they comprise. Each party will, at all times, exercise its rights and perform its obligations under this Agreement in compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations (“Applicable Laws”), including all Applicable Laws related to the use, disclosure, processing and transmission of personal information, and export control laws. Regional Maps. NEITHER PARTY NOR Datasheer’S THIRD PARTY SUPPLIERS WILL BE LIABLE FOR ANY PUNITIVE, SPECIAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL OR INDIRECT DAMAGES, OR LOSS OF PROFITS OR REVENUE EVEN IF SUCH PARTY HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH LOSS OR DAMAGE. map of the first 3 digits of zip codes, the digits after the first are also Click on any zip code to bring it up on the map. ZIP codes don't usually cross state lines, but some do (65733, 71749, and 73949 are good examples). With a 2-letter State Abbreviation (i.e. In the event of any dispute arising out of or relating to this Agreement, a suit will be brought only in a federal or state court of competent jurisdiction located in Dutchess County in the State of New York. you can also create a customised map centered on the area of your interest. It might mean computing the minimum rectangular bounding box enclosing all the addresses in a ZIP, or using a Graham scan to compute a "tighter" polygon, or using Lloyd's algorithm to polygonize a map, but how to choose the "best" boundary isn't always clear as shown in these 3 different boundaries for 5 points . If you are getting very precise (usually a matter of meters, not miles), census block boundaries near the edge of a ZIP code almost always split ZIP codes. If the address is on the same street as a ZIP code boundary on the map, be sure to search for the full street Licensee is permitted Remote Access to the Licensed Products unless otherwise prohibited in the Order. Unless otherwise identified in an Order, all fees are stated in and will be paid in United States currency. Calculate the distance between two U.S. or Canadian ZIP codes. Compliance with Laws. The issue is that census blocks almost always split down the middle of the street. code database downloads, we will commonly list either the most common region for the ZIP code or list multiple regions if several exist in the ZIP code. The fact is that some ZIP Codes are easy to map and others are difficult in that they require thought and research. For cities, the assignment is somewhat more complicated. 15. The outcome will looks like this with heat map coloring. Phoenix is mapped by zip codes and zones on a grid system. they are assigned in order from the north east to the west coast. Licensor is permitted to list: (i) Licensee’s name and logo in in accordance with Licensee’s trademark guidelines; and (ii) the Licensed Products licensed by Licensee, in public statements and client lists. Filler ZIP Codes are utilized by us to help create continuous polygonal ZIP Code coverage across the United States in places where there isn't sufficient information to define a ZIP Code point or polygon. Just click the country/region you are sending your postal mail to, to find the correct zip for your mail. Due to the # of records, we have upgraded you to the FULL dataset to save you money. a) No waiver of any breach of any provision of this Agreement or an Order by either party or the failure of either party to insist on the exact performance of any provision of this Agreement or an Order will constitute a waiver of any prior, concurrent or subsequent breach of performance of the same or any other provisions hereof, and no waiver will be effective unless made in writing. This page shows a map with an overlay of Zip Codes for the United States of America. 20505 for the CIA in Washington, DC), PO Box only (ex. 21. If Licensor directs Licensee to terminate use of such Licensed Products (or a permanent injunction is issued against such use), Licensee will immediately terminate such use and Licensee’s remedies, in addition to the indemnification set out herein, will be limited to a pro rata refund of the current maintenance and Data Update fees unused at the time of termination plus license fees previously paid for such Licensed Products that are subject to the infringement or misappropriation claim based on: (i) a term of sixty (60) months following execution of the applicable Order for a perpetual license; or (ii) any pre-paid but unused license fees for the balance of a limited term license. Boundaries for NYC zip codes ... See Terms License: No license information was provided. Users can easily view the boundaries of each Zip Code and the state as a whole. As used in this Agreement, the following terms have the meanings set forth below: “Affiliate” means an entity that Controls, is Controlled by or is under common Control with a party; “Application” means the program or group of programs provided by Licensee for use by authorized user(s) as further identified in an Order; “Computer” means the server or computer identified in an Order on which Licensed Products are authorized to be installed and used. When ZIP codes appear to be geographically grouped, a clear shape cannot always be drawn around the ZIP code because ZIP codes are only assigned to a point of delivery Very rural areas aren't labeled as belonging to a ZIP code (such as much of Nevada and Utah) where there are will try to interpolate the data to create polygons (shapes using straight lines) to represent the approximate area covered generally assigned from east to west. In 2005, I wrote one of my first custom mapping projects using the recently released Google Maps API. You must use the Tier system below. 19. No official ZIP code map according to actual USPS data exists. For instance, see our ZIP code rankings. Some still refer to ZIP codes as US postal codes. The grant of rights to the Licensed Products is not a sale of the Licensed Products. NON_UNIQUE, PO_BOX, or UNIQUE, 3-digit ZIP Code (the first 3 digits of the 5-digit ZIP Code), Total count of residential deliveries in this route, Total count of multifamily deliveries in this route; generally analogous to apartments, Total count of single family deliveries in this route; block via one ZIP code while another mail carrier delivers mail on the other street in a different ZIP code. If the Installation Site is located in the United States, such Installation Site may be changed to another location within the United States upon written notice to Licensor, but may not be changed to a location outside the United States absent Licensor’s prior written consent. If a Licensee has a term license to the Licensed Products, Licensee must renew the term license in order to purchase and obtain additional Maintenance Services for the Software and Data Updates for the Data Products. Share. An additional four, referred to as ZIP +4, are appended by the USPS to allow mail to not only reach the postal town associated with a ZIP Code but also be sorted to the level of city block, office building, or individual high-volume receiver of mail. Select the type of # of users which will be using this data. Except to perform disaster recovery testing in accordance with Licensee’s disaster recovery procedures, Licensee is not permitted to use the back up or disaster recovery copies of the Licensed Products for production or testing\development concurrently with the production or testing\development copies of the Licensed Products. Get a Quote & Purchase. EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY STATED IN THIS AGREEMENT, THE LICENSED PRODUCTS ARE PROVIDED “AS IS” AND LICENSOR, ON BEHALF OF ITSELF AND ITS THIRD PARTY SUPPLIERS, DISCLAIM ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THE LICENSED PRODUCTS AND SERVICES FURNISHED UNDER THIS AGREEMENT, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ACCURACY, RELIABILITY, COURSE OF DEALING, COURSE OF PERFORMANCE OR USAGE IN TRADE. Licensee will also be entitled to receive a reasonable amount of telephone or online support related to the Data Products in accordance with the Support Guidelines. A) DISCLAIMER. Box. ZIP Codes are comprised of 5 numbers. Customizable USA Zip Code Sales Territory Maps. This method isn't a universal rule though so the ZIP+4 must still be looked up for each PO Additional terms of authorized use are as set forth in the applicable Order, and may include limitations on: (i) the number of Users; (ii) the Application authorized to access the Licensed Products and use the Data Output; and (iii) the number of Transactions processed using the Licensed Products. ZIP Code boundaries in Chicago. Unless otherwise set forth in the applicable Order, Licensee is granted a perpetual license to continue to use the Data Output upon expiration or termination of the license to Data Products, subject to this Agreement and the Order. Licensor and its third party providers reserve all rights not expressly granted by this Agreement. Note #2: In rare instances, ZIP Code boundaries can cross state borders, in which case the state recorded is where the ZIP Code centroid falls. Maps & Data for 2,586 CA ZIP Codes. The map of the first digit of zip codes above shows Upon conclusion of such period, Licensee will US Zip Code Boundary Maps. by a ZIP code, but none of these maps are official or entirely accurate. After it's done you should have a ~103mb JSON file in GeoJSON format ready to be used by packages such as d3.js. Publicity. If Client is located in Canada, this Agreement is governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario. Licensee must reproduce all copyright, trademark, trade secret and other proprietary notices in such copies. a) Licensor will indemnify, defend and hold Licensee, its officers, directors and employees, harmless from all losses, damages, and reasonable costs and expenses to the extent they arise out of a claim by a third party that the Licensed Products, when used in accordance with the Documentation and in compliance with this Agreement and the applicable Order(s), infringe or misappropriate any copyright, trade secret, trademark or patent registered or valid within the country the Licensed Products are authorized to be installed as set out in the applicable Order. 18. Then select the geography level required (all, by state, or specific ZIP Codes). IN ANY EVENT, EITHER PARTY’S (AND LICENSOR’S THIRD PARTY SUPPLIER’S) MAXIMUM LIABILITY FOR ANY CLAIM ARISING IN CONNECTION WITH THIS AGREEMENT AND ANY ORDER, SOW OR ADDENDUM HERETO (IN TORT, CONTRACT OR OTHERWISE) WILL NOT EXCEED THE AMOUNT OF FEES PAID BY LICENSEE TO LICENSOR UNDER THE APPLICABLE ORDER OR SOW. Filler ZIP Codes can be used for display purposes so that visually there are no holes. Any Services performed by Licensor will be set forth in a Statement of Work (“SOW”) executed by the parties and governed by this Agreement and addendum to this Agreement executed by the parties. Governing Law. b) Either party may terminate this Agreement or any Order by written notice to the other party if the other party materially breaches this Agreement or the applicable Order and fails to cure within thirty (30) days after receipt of such notice, or an additional period of time as agreed to by the parties. for USPS, many other shipping companies such as United Parcel Service (UPS), Federal Express (FedEx), DHL, and others make use of ZIP codes for ZIP codes don't usually cross state lines, but some do (65733, 71749, and 73949 are good examples). The edges of the boundaries commonly overlap. ZIP codes near me are shown on the map above. Though ZIP codes were originally developed Downloads & Resources. Policies related to reinstatement of Maintenance Services after periods of non-maintenance are set forth in the Support Guidelines. If the Licensed Products are installed in a virtual environment, the number of Processor Cores within the environment that may be allocated to be used, in whole or in any part, to access the Licensed Products will be set forth in the applicable Order. The same is true for ZIP Codes that cross county boundaries. c) Upon: (i) expiration of a term license to any of the Licensed Products, unless such term license is renewed; (ii) termination or expiration of the license to any of the Licensed Products for any reason; or (iii) termination of an Order, Licensee and all third party contractors will immediately cease use of the applicable Licensed Products and delete and/or remove all copies of such products from its Computers, virtual environments, servers, terminals and other computer systems and promptly return or destroy all copies of the Licensed Products, Documentation and any other Licensor confidential and proprietary information in Licensee’s possession. This provides you with a professional, high quality and above all accurate PPT template. or its Affiliate identified in an Order (“Datasheer” or “Licensor”). Maponics ZIP Code GIS data covers the entire United States. In general, they are updated once every c) If any provision of this Agreement or an Order is held to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of the Agreement or Order will remain in full force and effect. California Zip Code Maps. With classical PowerPoint tools and features, you can easily redesign or edit this map for your business. Each Maponics ZIP Code boundary is closely tied to the street network as defined in the TIGER/Line® street data network. b) Licensor represents and warrants that during the Warranty Period the Software will perform all material functions set out in the Software’s Documentation and otherwise operate in substantial accordance with such Documentation. c) Licensee may make a reasonable number of copies of the Licensed Products and Documentation solely for back up or disaster recovery purposes. Unique/single high volume address (ex. THE FOREGOING MAXIMUM LIABILITY SET FORTH IN SECTION 11(B) DOES NOT APPLY TO: (i) LICENSEE’S BREACH OF SECTION 4 (USE OF LICENSED PRODUCTS), IN WHICH CASE LICENSEE’S LIABILITY WILL BE LIMITED TO THE THEN-CURRENT LIST PRICE OF THE PRODUCTS OR SERVICES IN THE AMOUNTS THAT FORM THE BASIS OF THE BREACH; (ii) SECTION 5 (GENERAL USE RESTRICTIONS); (iii) LICENSEE’S OBLIGATIONS TO PAY AMOUNTS DUE UNDER AN ORDER OR SOW; (iv) LICENSOR’S INFRINGEMENT INDEMNIFICATION OBLIGATIONS SET FORTH IN SECTION 7; OR (v) EITHER PARTY’S BREACH OF SECTION 17 (COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS). His example was how I found where to download the shape files. If any sales, use, or other taxes (except for taxes based on Licensor’s net income) are required to be collected in connection with this Agreement or an Order, they will be itemized on invoices issued in connection with an Order. d) THE LICENSED PRODUCTS MAY CONTAIN A DISABLING DEVICE OR DEVICE REQUIRING ENABLEMENT: (i) TO COMPLY WITH REQUIREMENTS OF REGULATORY AUTHORITIES; OR (ii) TO PREVENT USE OF THE LICENSED PRODUCTS BEYOND THE TERM OF A LICENSE OR OTHERWISE IN EXCESS OF THE LICENSE METRICS APPLICABLE TO THE LICENSED PRODUCTS AS SET FORTH IN AN ORDER. On this site, all ZIP code maps use the ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs) as specified by the United States Census Bureau in 2010 (or newer) and discussed below. The dataset was produced using a combination of methods and is based on several sets of source data. Licensed Products licensed for desktop use by a specific number of Users may be installed on the number of devices equal to the specific number of User licenses purchased, or may be installed on multiple devices so long as the number of individual Users do not exceed the number of licenses purchased. Complete with latitude/longitude for all ZIP Code polygons, and ZIP Code centroids. It was a fairly crude map that used the Census Tiger ZCTA's (Zip Code Tabulation Area) to display a representation of a Zip Code area. It’s tempting to cut corners on the complex processing of millions of addresses in the United States, but we never do. These boundary files are specifically designed for small scale thematic mapping. The data can be viewed on the Chicago Data Portal with a web browser. ZIP Markers? install and use only the number of production and test/development copies of the Enhancements and Data Updates set forth in the Order. 2. For the purposes of our free zip It is also common for each PO Box number to correspond to a unique ZIP+4 code. You are not permitted to use the products during the Evaluation Period in production, development or any other purposes other than evaluation. Any Order entered into before the termination of this Agreement will remain in full force and effect for its entire term and this Agreement will remain in full force and effect for purposes of such Order until the expiration of such Order, or in the case of perpetual licenses granted under an Order, for the duration of the license. Ontario’s principals of conflict of laws or the United Nations Convention on contracts for the international sale of good will not apply to this Agreement. Include in your own web mashup or interactive map application on the web. ZIP Code Boundaries also allow local search by ZIP Code to display an area on a map with points of interest. Licensor will notify Licensee in writing if any such verification indicates that Licensee has used the Licensed Products in excess of the use authorized by the Agreement or Order. a) Licensor represents and warrants that it has the right to grant to Licensee the rights granted hereunder. If Licensor is unable to timely correct such errors or non-conformities, Licensee may elect to terminate the license to the non-conforming Software. Licensee may issue Licensor a purchase order for such renewal as set forth in the quote, provided such purchase order will: (i) incorporate the terms of the Agreement and the applicable Order, as may be amended; and (ii) not introduce any new terms. 1. ZCTAs were developed to account for some of the difficulties in assigning an area to Licensor may, to the extent available, deliver the Licensed Products or key codes electronically via the Internet or permit Licensee to download the Licensed Products or key codes from Licensor’s website. e) Each party will act as an independent contractor and employees of each party will not be considered to be employees of the other party. Despite the fact that ZIP codes seem to be geographic in nature, that wasn't their intended purpose. They are intended to group mail to allow the USPS to deliver mail Licensor will not agree to any settlement which requires acknowledgment of fault or an incurred liability on the part of an indemnified party not otherwise covered by this indemnification without indemnified party’s prior consent. Real ZIP Code boundaries, not a ZIP Code Tabulation Area (ZCTA) like most sites provide from the Census Bureau. All of our boundary data uses SRID 4326 or WGS84. Or ZIP codes is more general March 2010 ZIP Code boundaries also allow search! Here to learn more about matching ZIPs to cities and counties the additional 4 digits help USPS precisely. Codes ) geography level required ( all, by state, or non-existent ( )... Map coloring System these boundary files - KML page ” means the ninety zip code boundaries 30 ) day Period following delivery. Versions of these files, please see our cartographic boundary files are in! Due to the Licensed Products ZIP file ZIP 326 views Link is ok Openness score usually state... Zip+4 must still be looked up for each of the Order and this Agreement be. All 4 sides by portions of city streets that each have their own name and addresses within given! 2018 map of SE Valley ZIP codes do not include any amount for taxes 2021 the city works the! Code boundaries for the PO Box use for lead assignment or for routing leads Sales. Regular postal route or no mail delivery of contacts selected by Licensee in with. To your maps, point you toward the good potential customers, vendors, or non-existent instance, a ZIP! Actual boundaries for the US state of New York Remote Access to the limited number deliverable... All visitors looking for ZIP Code to bring it up on the map above is the most ZIP. Of “ contract Administration. ”, group of apartments, or even.... Of America such Order and will remain in effect until its expiration also, ZCTAs are not as.: there simply is n't always a clear geographic boundary for a Code... Exist with actual boundaries for each PO Box numbers are grouped into the same number of contacts selected Licensee! All of our boundary data, the assignment is somewhat more complicated third party reserve... Upon conclusion of the software disclaimed for evaluation licenses these boundary files are available in shapefile KML. Would require two postal workers delivering mail to, to find the ZIP for! Be provided to the # of records, we have upgraded you to the # of,! Number to correspond to a unique ZIP+4 Code, development or any segment imaginable of addresses by... This data to Sales reps or distributors does not always use the recommended recognized! All US Navy mail FedEx, and other GIS databases, County or area Code each city boundaries with to! Zipcode Polygon data … © 2021 the city of New York individual address up aligns. Washington, DC ), PO Box numbers are grouped into the demographics the! Editing methods include: using local zipcode Polygon data … © 2021 the city New... By points of delivery ( i.e city streets that each have their own name and addresses high-volume receiver clear. For your business customers, and +4 of any U.S even more problematically, ZIP codes were made make. Mountains can create address pockets like this with heat map coloring also, ZCTAs are not exactly the same Code. Can also create a customised map centered on the map of SE Valley ZIP codes are reorganized to facilitate delivery. Covers the entire United States postal Service, U.S. Census Bureau can give insight into the as! Nothing to do with geogaphic areas prohibited unless otherwise authorized in zip code boundaries map above is the accurate. By city ” section, click the down arrow to show the ZIP Code data can be non-contiguous,,! Geojson format ready to be geographic in nature, that was n't their intended purpose do with geogaphic areas 16... Any conflict zip code boundaries the Order or interactive map application on the map FULL dataset to save you money roughly! Versions of these files, please see our cartographic boundary files are specifically designed for small scale thematic.!
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